Faces of Asia Part 2: Building a Relationship W/ the Subject

Taking someone’s photograph is personal.  Unfortunately, many photographers these days have a ‘get it and get out’ mentality that creates hostility among locals … Continue reading

Faces of Asia Part 1: The Story Behind the Portrait

Every face tells a story.  Deep lines from a hard life’s work in the rice fields, smooth bright cheeks from a joyful youth, … Continue reading

Snowshoeing Off the Beaten Path in Colorado

Getting off the beaten path in remote locations such as Northern Laos or Myanmar isn’t too difficult of a thing to do.  Relatively … Continue reading

4 Reasons You Have to go to Myanmar Now

On the road well traveled, take a left at the old Buddhist temple and head 1000 miles north off course. Soon you will have … Continue reading

Tips for Staying Safe While Partying Abroad

I want to start off todays blog with some tips about staying safe while going out into the bar scene when on the road.   … Continue reading

How to Prepare for Your Vacation Abroad

There’s no question that one of the most difficult yet rewarding portion of any trip is the planning process. That’s when you’re asking … Continue reading

Top 25 Location Independent & Travel Friendly Jobs

Over the course of several years traveling all over the globe, I’ve found it astonishing at exactly how many ways people find to … Continue reading

9 Essential Tips for a Cross Country Road Trip

Enthusiastic adventurists who have taken camping to be their passion strongly believe that traveling cross-country on a road trip can not only be thrilling, but you … Continue reading

Top 10 Destinations You Must Visit in Tibet

Often known as the “Roof of the world’’ and “Land of Snows”, Tibet is absolutely one of the most remarkable places in Asia … Continue reading

Top 3 Favorite Theme & Amusement Parks of Florida

Theme & amusement parks are the sort of thing I loved to visit growing up as a child.  And you want to know … Continue reading

10 Friendly Destinations for Single – Solo Travelers

Taking off onto your first solo journey overseas?  No worries! There are several places you can go that are extremely friendly to the single solo … Continue reading

20 Tips to Create a Smooth Cruising Experience

If you’ve never been on a cruise there can be many things going through your mind to make it as successful as possible.   What … Continue reading

Caribbean Travel: 3 Reasons to Visit Barbados

Barbados is a sophisticated tropical island with enough culture around to satisfy nearly any traveler. What’s not to love? The turquoise Caribbean waters budding … Continue reading

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Swayambhunath Temple in Nepal

It’s no wonder why they nicknamed Swayambhunath Temple in downtown Kathmandu the temple of monkeys.   It was prevalent as they hopped from … Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons to Vacation in Costa Rica

Ever since my first trip out of the country (come to think of it, it was my first international trip period) I’ve always … Continue reading

12 Amazing Photos of Downtown Aspen, Colorado

There’s no question why people travel from all around the globe deep into the mountains of Colorado to visit Aspen.  It’s a world class … Continue reading

Top 30 Amazing Photos of Vietnamese Rice Fields

It felt as if I was stepping back for thousands of years while walking upon the rice fields.   The bright green paddies … Continue reading

Homestaying in Sapa, Vietnam: Touching Base w/ the Locals

It was always raining this time of year.  The big storms came in every evening, like clockwork.  The only thing that was unpredictable about … Continue reading

The Spirit of Minnewanka in Banff National Park, Canada

Historians claim that for more than 100 centuries people have worked alongside the lands of Lake Minnewanka.  The Stoney people called it “Minn-waki” or … Continue reading

Fall Foliage Tour: The Ultimate Colorado Backcountry Trip

Touring the backcountry of Colorado is always a pleasure.  Getting outside, camping, hiking and enjoying the outdoors with friends is definitely, what I consider, … Continue reading

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