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Outdoor adventure, travel, sand dunes, sand boarding, sandboarding, Great Sand Dunes, National Park, Colorado, Hiking, Kai, Desert, Dog, Miniature Schnauzer, cheap travel tips, overseas adventure tours, best solo tripsHey there!  My name is Ron, creator and main blogger here at the Active Planet Travels outdoor adventure travel blog!  If this is your first time swinging by, then I welcome you!  

The community here takes a lot of pride in what we do and we love to share our experiences with folks, just like yourself, who are looking for information about destinations all over the world.  

I first started this blog as a personal online journal to document my travels backpacking around the world; that was back in 2011.  

Since then, it has morphed into its own beast where I now write about inspirational stories, cities, off-the-beaten-path destinations, and outdoor adventures that usually veer towards a budget friendly wallet.  

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