Hiking Banff’s Johnston Canyon Trail in Canada

Directly after road tripping West of Alberta towards the Canadian Badlands, my friends and I made a terrific trip out towards Banff National Park. The scenery changed drastically as we left the huslte & bustle of the city and drove over the rolling hills of the grasslands, eventually leading to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  Once we drove between the first of many towering rock walls, … Continue reading

Top 10 Amazing Photos in Route to Mount Everest

When I traveled to Mt. Everest as a part of my 9 Day Budget Tour through Tibet, the landscape placed an un-imaginable impression on me.  I had no idea at exactly how diverse it was compared to other parts of China such as Xining or Kunming. The mountains rose to a staggering 17,000 feet above sea level and that was just at base camp which sat … Continue reading

A Tour of Chihuly’s Glass Art at the Denver Botanic Gardens

It is considered a revolutionary movement in the glass art era.   The self guided tour, as Liam & I continued, gave us a breathtaking and almost surreal perception of the way Dale Chihuly ambitiously went into the world with his vision of what glass art could truly be.   With his innovative frame of mind and team approach to blowing glass, I must say he was … Continue reading

Exploring the Beichan Daoist Temple of Xining, China

Sitting at the East gate of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, Xining is a bustling metropolis filled with constant development and modern age shopping malls. But if you venture a little deeper and off-the-beaten-path while in the city you can find a plethora of beautiful monasteries, temples, street vendors and, of course, signs of Tibetan Buddhism embedded deep into the day to day lives of nearly every local. One … Continue reading

Top Destinations to Explore off the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea has always been HUGE on my bucket list.  Between the vibrant cities, broad cultures and, of course, stunning crystal clear waters hovering up to the numerous hidden beaches why wouldn’t it be. It’s a place of pure wonder and delight. But the question remains: with so many places to see and things to do, where do you start and how do you get … Continue reading

Top 5 Hidden Beaches: A Breakdown by Travel Bloggers

Who doesn’t like to go to the beach?  Between the fresh crisp air blowing through your hair, the sun evening out those pesky tan lines and, of course, all the activities you can do in the ocean itself; it’s easily labeled as one of the top reasons to travel. And it doesn’t have to be labeled a fantastic beach just because of the sandy beaches … Continue reading

A Weekend in Aspen w/ The Legendary Adventures of Anna

When Anna Kate from the Legendary Adventures of Anna contacted me and told me she was swinging through my neck of the woods I was truly ecstatic!   It took me a little while to figure out exactly what I could show her about the area and what it had to offer.  What was the best way to make her fall in love with the … Continue reading

My Never-Ending Quest for the Perfect Lifestyle

The perfect lifestyle.  It’s like the great American Dream.  It seems impossible to find, yet, we all ultimately go on a lifelong quest in search of it.  I, myself, have been on this quest for years.  Hell, it’s what ultimately got me into travel blogging in the first place. Then again, the definition of a perfect lifestyle varies from person to person. You don’t have … Continue reading

Top 3 Sites of the Canadian Badlands

As we drove East of Alberta and across the vast Canadian Badlands, I couldn’t help but wonder how in the world do people survive out here?  This was much different than life on the West side of the country where, if I were still there, I’d be whitewater rafting down the Kicking Horse River. You could go on for miles and miles without seeing a … Continue reading

Top 5 Adventure Activities In The UK

With the plethora of resources available both on and off the web, finding spectacular travel destinations is never a hard thing to accomplish.  We’re all lucky enough to live in a world that’s chock-full of beautiful and fascinating places that are literally found in our own backyards. But for those who like a little adventure with their vacations, it can sometimes be a bit difficult … Continue reading

Whitewater Rafting in Canada with Alpine Rafting

With a big Ooomph we pushed the raft off the rocky riverside bed and into the water.  This far north, in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta, the snow was just beginning to melt and every drop of frigid water that touched our skin came directly from the glaciers farther North. This was the first time I’d ever been in water so cold, despite my many … Continue reading

Road Trip the Sichuan-Tibet Highway

Amongst all of the diverse terrain around the Northwestern territory of China, Huzhu Beishan Park provides some of the most barren yet mystifying landscape I had ever seen during my tour through China. Instead of the dense tropical rainforest I found while homestaying in Sapa, Vietnam, the land here hosted hardly any trees and was mainly use as farmland by the local Tibetans for a variety … Continue reading

Top 7 Best Sports Vacations of a Lifetime

You’ve heard of eco-tourism, adventure tourist and morbid tourism…but have you ever heard of sports tourism?   It’s an ever growing movement where people travel for the sake of seeing their favorite sports events in person, rather than on the big screen.   Just like traveling for special events like Octoberfest or the Aspen Food & Wine Festival, tourist flock to sports events every year to … Continue reading

Amazing Food at the Luang Prabang Night Market in Laos

I left the guest house hurriedly, away from the quaint little red brick side street next to the river and towards the buzzing sound of the city. The sun was beginning it’s early stages of setting and you could tell the night began to liven with a buzz as local Laonese and Westerners flocked to the streets.  Small stands stood abruptly against the darkening night, meanwhile … Continue reading

Yamdrok Lake: The Transformation of a Goddess

Legend has it that Yamdrok Lake, according to local mythology, is the result of a transformation of a goddess.  If you have ever visited this sacred site, you’d quickly realize why Tibetan culture could see the logic in this. The sheer beauty of the turquoise waters, fast changing weather and location of the site (sitting only 240 miles Northeast of Mt. Everest base camp) suggests that there … Continue reading

45 Amazing Photos of Tibet’s Kumpa Stupa

As I continued my 9 day backcountry tour of Tibet, day 4 brought us through the mesmerizing Yamdrok Lake and onto Kumpa Stupa: the home of 10,000 Stupas! The weather had been nearly perfect all week and that didn’t change much as we passed through the area.  It was a bit different up near the Goddess of Yamdrok Lake.  Within 15 minutes we saw it go … Continue reading

Best of the USA: Top 5 Cities to Wine & Dine

Wining & dining…it’s the vain of my existence!  I love food and quite often find myself traveling just so I can sample new cuisines from all over the world. For instance, while I was in Asia I really enjoyed the culture but what did I like even more?   The food. Between the floating markets at Taling Chan and the markets of Sapa, Vietnam there was a … Continue reading

Trekking at Kuang Si Falls in Luang Prabang Laos

There’s kind of an underlying knowledge that, when you travel and it rains, most people hate it.  Why does this have to be the case?  I get an exponentially large sense of excitement when it rains while I’m traveling.   Maybe it’s because I’ve spent so long snowboarding in Aspen that I just miss the smell, sound, feel & taste of it.  And I don’t care … Continue reading

Flowers & Birds Market of Kunming, China | Photo Essay

Crossing the border into China from Vietnam was definitely one of those last minute & unexpected decision I had made while traveling through Southeast Asia.  I met many locals along the way who, although they didn’t speak English, were very friendly and helpful.   This is why most of the time I choose public transportation and backpacking on foot over flying into a destination.  Even … Continue reading

Best of the Best: Top 6 Favorite Hawaiian Vacation Spots

Time and time again, I still believe Hawaii to be one of my favorite vacation spots in the world. Who wouldn’t enjoy such a place?   The waters of Kauai is perfect for diving with sea turtles all the while, if you’re looking for a great hike, the vegetation is so lush and tropical that it seems like you’re hiking through an endless garden! Getaway with these … Continue reading

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