Florida Adventures: Kayaking in Juniper Springs State Park

Kayaking has always been high on my list of adventure activities to uphold.  It can be both exhilarating, yet relaxing at the same … Continue reading

Jungle Treehouse Zip-lining: The Gibbon Experience, Laos

Words like unbelievable, incredible and life changing mean about as much as a Quran In a Shabbat service when taking about the gibbon … Continue reading

Hiking the Black Hills National Forest of South Dakota

As Torin & I continued our road trip across the U.S.A., we realized that seeing Mount Rushmore was pretty fantastic, but it didn’t quite … Continue reading

The Top 10 Travel Experiences of Inle Lake, Myanmar

Life on Inle Lake is so foreign that it almost feels like another world.   The local cultural oddities and unique ways of providing opened … Continue reading

Road Trip USA: 10 Breathtaking Photos of Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is breathtaking. It’s one of Americas biggest shrines dedicated to democracy, naturally bringing out the inner patriotism in all of us. … Continue reading

Top 10 New Scams to Watch Out For While Traveling in Asia

We have all heard about pick pockets and classic scams like overcharging. But as the modern tourist gets smarter, so does the modern scammer. … Continue reading

Road Trip USA: The Red Hills of Glendo State Park

As Torin and I continued on the beginning leg of our cross-country road trip, the first state we crossed leaving Colorado was Wyoming. … Continue reading

Trekking the Backcountry of Myanmar: Inle Lake to Kalaw

The temples and cities of Myanmar are an incredible experience, but sometimes it’s the complete lack of development that makes an adventure life changing. … Continue reading

I Pulled the Ultimate Heist at Denver’s PUZZAH!

We couldn’t see anything.  It was as if we had been stuck at the top of Mt. Everest…minus the spectacular lighting gathered from … Continue reading

Introducing Travel Tunes: FREE Travel Music Playlists

Active Planet Travels is proud to announce: The 1st travel music playlist blog! Music is one of the most important factors of an enjoyable … Continue reading

The Best Sales Job in the World (w/ Travel Perks)!

Are you looking for a location independent job that provides great income, travel perks and rewards you for the effort you put in? … Continue reading

Faces of Asia Part 3: Similarities

It’s easy to see how different we all are.  In an individualistic culture like my own, each person is urged to define their … Continue reading

Snowshoeing Off the Beaten Path in Colorado

Getting off the beaten path in remote locations such as Northern Laos or Myanmar isn’t too difficult of a thing to do.  Relatively … Continue reading

The Nightmare of Traveling in Indonesia

Any time I set out for a backpacking adventure in a third world country, I know things are bound to go wrong at … Continue reading

Diving w/ Sharks at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver

There’s a first time for everything in your life.  The key is to make that first experience an impressionable one. For me, I … Continue reading

Faces of Asia Part 2: Building a Relationship W/ the Subject

Taking someone’s photograph is personal.  Unfortunately, many photographers these days have a ‘get it and get out’ mentality that creates hostility among locals … Continue reading

Faces of Asia Part 1: The Story Behind the Portrait

Every face tells a story.  Deep lines from a hard life’s work in the rice fields, smooth bright cheeks from a joyful youth, … Continue reading

Top Secrets to Save you Money While Traveling

Making sure you don’t spend a lot of money while traveling can be a difficult thing.   Between the cost of flights, accommodation, food, … Continue reading

A Guide to Picking the Best Island to Visit in Thailand

Carved out in stone on every backpackers’ holy grail are the words, “Thou shalt party and relax at one of Thailand’s iconic white … Continue reading

Tips for Staying Safe While Partying Abroad

I want to start off todays blog with some tips about staying safe while going out into the bar scene when on the road.   … Continue reading

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