Better Your Odds: How to Win Big Money in Vegas

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Las Vegas.  Also referred to as the “City of Lost Wages” aka “Sin City”.  The place where you can either make it or break it and you certainly won’t sleep.  The place goes by many names but the bottom line is that Vegas is a shit ton of fun.  You have to be careful though as this place isn’t the best of budget friendly destinations but if you’re willing to save up a couple grand just to go, you’re guaranteed to have memories that will last forever and you just might get a little lucky…I know I had.

And that saying “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” isn’t always true…especially if you plan on hooking up with one of the many available street side hookers.  Luckily, I hadn’t had the pleasure (thank God).  Most of my time was spent poolside, at a club (of many assortments) as well as at parties.  But what about the casinos?

Las Vegas Slot Machines

This is what Vegas is famous for and just like any other gambling based location in the world people go there to spend hundreds & even thousands of dollars in hopes of winning big.  But how exactly do you do that?  Is there a tactic or strategy to go by?  

While I was sitting at the McCarron International Airport in downtown Las Vegas, I decided to take a look on the web and do a little research for myself.  Even practicing with online casinos can help you get used to the way these games work, effectively learning the tricks of the trade.  When push came to shove, I actually found a few “tactics” that worked for me after browsing through various blogs, online casino websites & forums that ended up putting a few extra bills in my pocket.  So without much further ado, let’s proceed so we can help you win some moolah!:

1.) Don’t Spend too long at the same Machine!

When you get to the point to where you’re winning continuously on a slot machine, it’s the greatest feeling in the world!  But at some point in time, that lucks going to run out.  When it does, don’t just sit there thinking that it’s going to roll back around.  Print your ticket, and hop on over to another slot machine.

This also goes in hand if the machine you’re using isn’t giving out any money.  Go for a handful of rounds and if the machine produces no results, move on to the next.

2.) Be strategic in your choice.

Winning at a slot machine is already based on luck so it only makes sense to try and get the best luck possible right?  Of course!  When you walk into the casino don’t just sit down at any old slot machine, take a walk.  That’s right.  Start scoping out the slot machines in a particular area that you’re in and look for which ones have had the biggest put out.  

Slot machines are based on numbers…that’s all gambling is: a numbers game.  Any given slot machine isn’t going to just throw money out at you.  Wait until you find one that’s already in a “giving mood”.  Your chances of winning will increase, guaranteed.

3.) Cut your losses & leave.

Similar to tip number 1, this goes for any game while gambling.  If you sit down at a table, slot machine or anything else and you start to loose money leave.  Don’t let your ego get to you unless you have the money to finance that ego.

4.) Try your hand at a card game.

Slot machines are notorious for eating your money, so why stick to just them?  There are several other games out there that require a little bit of planning and skill instead of just pure dumb luck.  Got a knack for poker, blackjack or scraps?  Then see how you do on the tables.

I know I’ve gotten most of my winnings while gambling in Vegas from the blackjack table.  It’s not only fun, but it’s also sociable and will build your skill level up as you build experience.  Additionally, you can learn other “techniques” from playing as well.

5.) Bank your winnings.

If you get to the point to where you’re earning some decent change, don’t gamble with all of the money you’ve won.  It only takes one bad hand to loose it all.  Instead gamble and bank 50% of your winnings.  This will ensure that you come out ahead and if you’ve lost your winning streak, you won’t loose all of the money you’ve got stashed in your bank account.

When it comes down to it, winning big in Vegas takes a lot of luck but if you’re willing to do your leg work and some research on how to win, you could just be the lucky bastard to get away with a couple thousand dollars more than what you came in with.

What tactics do you use to help increase your odds for winning at a casino?

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  1. Tracy Z says:

    Great tips as I’m preparing for my trip to vegas in 2 weeks!

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