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Adventure Travel Blog

Travel with me! I’ll take you on an adventure within mainstream cities and off the beaten path giving travel tips, advice, and inspiration along the way!

outdoor adventure travel blog

Hi, I’m Ron!

Welcome to my outdoor adventure travel blog! Come with me on an adventure traveling around the world.

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About My Adventure Travel Blog

Hi, I’m Ron Robbins – welcome to my adventure travel blog Active Planet Travels! Deciding the traditional 9 to 5 career was not for me, in 2011 I started this travel blog to document my adventures traveling the world.

Discovering both off-the-beaten-path destinations as well as the local life within mainstream cities, I enjoy gaining worldly knowledge while sharing these experiences with you! As a professional travel blogger that bases its articles on real-life experience, take a look around and you’ll find loads of information, travel tips, and adventure travel experiences. My goal is to help you take your next adventure of a lifetime!

Travel Tips & Travel Guides

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