Attractions and best things to do in Destin FloridaIf you are looking for top attractions and best things to do in Destin, Florida, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn there’s certainly no shortage of adventures here.

Nestled in the Northwest Corner of Florida, this fun beach town offers a plethora of activities, local attractions and other fun spots to explore.

Want to walk down one of the many Destin Beaches? Great! How about going on a jet ski adventure similar to the jet ski adventure I took in Naples? You can do that too.

Even if you are simply looking to lounge around on one of the many Destin beaches, soak up the sun, and drink a Mai Tai from your adult sized sippy cup, this beach town can easily accommodate you.

Whether you are traveling alone or visiting Destin as a family holiday, take a look at these top-rated attractions and things to do that you must put on your bucket list while taking a Destin Florida vacation!

Destin Florida Attractions

1) Enjoy the Destin Beaches

Best Destin Florida beaches to visit on vacation.

One of the more natural attractions you must take advantage of while in Destin is their beautiful, white sand beaches. Packed to the brim with water-bound activities, the beaches here offer activities for both the weekend adventurer as well as those just looking to lounge around. Rent a kayak and explore the coastline or go fishing. Not your cup of tea? Then try renting a boogie board to surf down the crest of a few waves. Either way, it may as well be a crime to not spend time at one of the many beautiful beaches in Destin.

2) Destin Watersports

Destin Florida vacation - Dolphin sunset excursion

If you’re hanging out with friends during your Destin Florida vacation, consider exploring the emerald waters with the help of a pontoon boat rental and a couple of jet skis. Fantastic for larger groups, you can literally take a regular beachside barbecue and spice it up by taking things afloat. Adding a couple of jet ski’s to the mix will just make it that much more exciting as you race around the water, looking for dolphins, and enjoy some jumps over the waves late into the sunset.

Not quite your speed and need something a little more adventurous? Consider booking yourself a parasailing trip. You’ll be flying high in no time with an experience that you will certainly not forget anytime soon!

3) Big Kahuna Water Park

Big Kahuna Water Park

The very popular Big Kahuna Water Park is full of adventures for tourists of all ages looking for attractions in Destin. With well over 40 different types of plays areas with an emphasis for you to play in the water, Big Kahuna Water & Adventure Park has water rides, slides, and pools for people of all ages.

Considered as one of the best family waterpark destinations in Florida, you can get your thrills doing anything from lounging around in the Lazy River up to sliding down Jumanji, a 5-story slide that is certainly not for the faint of heart! If you’re looking for a day worth of fun and entertainment, then consider booking a day or two at the Big Kahuna Water and Adventure Park!

4) HarborWalk Village

The HarborWalk Village in Emerald Grande Destin

The HarborWalk Village in Emerald Grande Destin hosts a multitude of shops and attractions that make for a great day excursion or even a night on the town. Family friendly and eventful, even for the single and solo traveler, make sure spend some of your vacation exploring the Mirror Maze, Fun Spot and the interactive shooting gallery.

Other things to do at the HarborWalk Village include dining at one of the many family-friendly restaurants, walking through the local shops, and enjoying the live entertainment. If you time your vacation just right and plan your day accordingly, you can even see the HarborWalk Village weekly fireworks and Fat Tuesday parade!

5 ) Deep Sea Fishing

Destin FL Attractions Deep Sea Fishing

There’s nothing quite like an adventure going miles out at sea from the mainland. After all, after my time working and living on a cruise ship that’s all I wanted to do for years! It taught me a lot of valuable lessons about cruising as well as some pretty great tips on how to save money while on a cruise ship. But I’m not talking about taking a cruise in Destin, I’m talking about going deep sea fishing in Destin.

Deep sea fishing prices are pretty straight forward across the board when it comes to fishing off the Gulf Coast of Florida, however, trust me when I say it is well worth the investment to take a full day trip over just a half day trip. You’ll not only get more bang for your buck, but you’ll have a greater chance to catch bigger fish, farther out at sea!

6) Fly The Beach – Learn to Fly!

Fly The Beach - Learn to Fly over Destin.

Want to go on the ultimate adventure while in Destin? Take a look at your options available when learning to fly over the beach via a seaplane. That’s right. Fly the Beach offers seaplane classes where you can learn how to fly a seaplane with the wicked opportunity of landing it in the ocean as well…if you can sweet talk your way into it, that is. With flights starting at just $99, this is literally the ultimate adventure travel experience you can have in the cool coastal town just short of skydiving.

7) Helicopter Tours

Destin Florida Helicopter Tours Beach Aerial

If you’ve never been, then there’s no better place to take a first-time helicopter tour than in Destin. There are plenty of reasons to take a helicopter tour but my favorite would be to simply see the beautiful emerald waters from the sky with a chance to see dolphins and even sharks swimming through the waters. With your pilots expertly navigating you across Fort Walton Beach for only the most picturesque of views, you’ve got yourself an experience unlike any other that is normally reserved for birds. It’s truly a perspective that you have to experience while looking for activities to do in Destin!

8) Snuba Trip – Go Snorkeling!

Snuba Destin - Go Snorkeling in Destin Florida

If you need more reasons to inspire you to travel to Florida, explore the options available to you when it comes to underwater snuba adventures in Destin. Slightly different than snorkeling off Isla Bastimentos in Panama or scuba diving with sharks in Denver, a snuba trip allows you to dive underwater by up to 20 feet deep with friends and family in an exciting, yet soothing environment. The perks with a snuba trip as compared to others are that you’re able to spend upwards of 20-30 minutes underwater with no specialized gear or training.

This give you, family, and friends the optimal amount of time to discover underwater marine life such as flounder, toadfish, sea anemone, and more as you go about living life under the sea!

9) Paddleboard or Kayak Crab Island

Kayak or paddleboard to crab island on vacation in Destin FL

Taking on a whole new form to the meaning of embracing detours while you travel, taking an excursion to go kayaking around Crab Island is well worth the extra effort. Located just north of the Destin Bridge, Crab Island is arguably one of Destin’s most picturesque natural attractions. On a sunny day, this underwater sandbar of an island will host an abundance of water-based activities; anything from water volleyball, to inflatable slides and even water trampolines. Although the safest way to

Although the safest way to get here is by renting a couple of jet skis or a pontoon boat, the truly adventurous can travel to Crab Island via paddleboard or kayak. If you plan your vacation appropriately, you’ll even get to witness one of the occasional concerts on a floating stage accompanied by floating restaurants and food vendors.

Being amongst this much chaos in the water too much for you to handle? Simply go further down this unique underwater island and enjoy the tranquility away from the crowds. Yes, Crab Island is that big!

10) Destin Harbor Boardwalk

Destin Harbor Boardwalk Family Friendly Attractions

Definitely worth mentioning again, if you’re looking for an all around family-friendly activity for you to enjoy, check out the attractions down at the Destin Harbor Boardwalk. From watersports to excursions, to other forms of outdoor fun, the Destin Harbor Boardwalk holds it all. Are you on a budget and can’t afford an adventure activity? No worries! Simply enjoy the free fireworks shows, weekly concerts, and grab a bite to eat. At the end of your vacation, you’ll be extremely satisfied with how enjoyable your stay in Destin was and cherish these memories for years to come!

Which of these fun thing to do would you like to experience while taking an adventure vacationing in Destin, Florida?