Most useful business travel gadgetsWhether I go on an off-the-beaten-path adventure or explore a well-known city, travel gadgets have always been extremely important to keep this website operating.

They help keep my lifestyle together by not only capturing the content I get to share with you guys but also by helping me keep my sanity when it comes to those long international flights or noisy rides in transit.

But what are the most important business travel gadgets that I take with me wherever I go?

You can bet there are a ton of gadgets I carry with me that are always used behind the scenes.  You can also guarantee I include these items in my ultimate backpacking (aka flashpacking) gear list.  So what are they?  Take a look below for a glimpse into my professional career as I show you the top 10 travel gadgets I take on the road to ensure I get the most out of my business adventure travel!

Top 10 Adventure Business Travel Gadgets

GoPro HERO 4 (Session or Silver)

GoPro HERO 4 Session Silver

When it comes to capturing those action shots on film, rain or shine, I always count on my GoPro.

And not just the traditional HERO 4 Silver, I find myself using the HERO 4 Session as well.  These cameras, as small as they are, can carry quite the load when it comes to extreme stunts, fast moving environments, and also double as a quick camera too!

Water Purifier

When traveling to developing countries, sometimes it can be a bit sketchy when looking for a source of clean drinking water that won’t give you the funk.

Luckily, with a water purifier, it’s easy to ensure you have clean, reliable water all of the time without the hassle of always carrying a couple of gallons of water on your back.  This also works reliably in the backcountry as well.  Camping next to the river?  Simply fill your canteen, wave the magic wand around, and Vuala!  You’re good to go!

Multiple Device Charger


It’s always the simple things in life that make all the difference…and that’s true even for electronics.

I can’t imagine traveling with a device to charge multiple devices at the same time.  This mostly comes in hand while in transit as well as at the hostels.  When everyone is fighting to get a spot to plug-in and charge their devices, it’s super easy to use your multiple device chargers and double the number of gadgets you can charge!

Wireless Portable Speaker

Oh, the wireless speaker – it helps create a mood amongst friends, strangers, and locals anywhere.  I don’t go anywhere without mine, especially if I’m up for making some new friends abroad.

It pretty simple really.  Connect your phone or laptop to the speaker via Bluetooth, play some music, and you’ve instantly created an atmosphere for people to hang out at, drink a few local beers, and create memories you’ll remember for a lifetime.

DSLR Digital Camera

DSLR Digital Camera Cannon

I can honestly say the heart and soul of my blog come from the DSLR Digital Camera that I ALWAYS have by my side.  The beautiful thing about this gadget is the flexibility you can have when you opt-in for several different lenses.

Sure, they may take up a bit of room in your backpack, but for the investment and quality shot you’ll get in return, I promise you won’t regret being able to look back on these memories for years down the road.

Detachable Camera Lenses

When it comes to taking a quick shot, pulling out the rather bulky DSLR or any other digital camera can be a hassle.  However, if you can get your hands on a set of detachable camera lenses that easily fasten to your phone, you’ll have quality photos that are easily shareable via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media outlet.

Ultralight Backpacking Hammock

Lying in a Hammock off of Maui

I absolutely LOVE having my hammock.  It’s extreme versatility in setting up, the coverage it provides in bad weather, and good nights rest ensures even on the gloomiest of days, you’re still going to have a good time.

Need another perk for carrying a hammock?  How about using it as a pillow on long flights or an extra layer to cover up at night.  Either way, you look at it, you just can’t lose.

Selfie Stick

Monopod, Selfie Stick, Photography, Photo, Beach, Pier, Sunset

We’ve heard so many things about the selfie stick…and for good reason.  It allows even the most novice of photographers to take epic photos while hiking mountains, going shark diving, or pretty much any other extreme sport.

Sure, everyone has one.  But if you do just a little bit of research on the different angles to use with a selfie stick, you can captivate even the most intense of moments in a classic selfie!

Travel Pillow

Travel Pillow Blue Sketch

If you don’t have a hammock, extra jacket, or some other form of padded comfort, then you must invest in a travel pillow.  They help assist in removing neck pain, alleviate pressure points, and easily ensure you have a more restful nap during a flight than trying to lay your head on the creepy guy who’s sitting next to you on the plane.

We’ve all been there, and investing in a small travel pillow can make a world of difference on those long hauls while traveling.

Solar Powered Battery Pack

The one thing I hate most when discovering a new territory is doing so without having the ability to share it with you, my readers!  So, to eliminate the problem of a dead phone, camera, or laptop battery, I carry small solar powered battery pack.  It’s simple to fasten onto your backpack that way, while you’re out exploring, all of your gadgets are getting a new spark of life.

One thing for certain, if you tend to go off-the-beaten-path as much as I like to, then a solar powered battery pack just might be the thing for you!

What travel gadgets do you take on your adventures?