Inspire to Live

Being a full time travel blogger can be a little rough at times.  It takes more than just time and effort.  

Dedication & perseverance are the least of your worries as you try to meet your own set deadlines to satisfy all who happen to trample across your writings.  Needless to say, there are a set handful of blogs that I personally follow and would actually recommend.  

These bloggers stood out to me in a way that I think even you would find thrilling and downright entertaining.  While some have been writing for as little as 6 months, others have been at the game for more than 6 years!  

Alas, I would like to present to you my Top 15 Travel Blogs (in no particular order) that I personally think deserve a little more recognition than what they’ve gotten so far.

Top 15 travel blogs

  • Crazy in the Rain

    • Brought to you by the Legendary Adventures of Anna, Crazy in the Rain is a relatively new travel blog about one crazy girl travelling the globe!
  • The Runaway Guide

    • He left home at 16 and has been travelling ever since.  Leif is one truly inspirational travel blogger!
  • Bacon is Magic

    • Ayngelina is a mid-thirty somethings traveller who left her job & home to pursue a dream of doing what she wants…no matter what anyone thinks!
  • Nomadic Samuel

    • I found this perpetual backpacker when I first started blogging.  He’s jumped from country to country & doesn’t have signs of slowing down anytime soon!
  • Wandering Earl

    • Earl is the man who got me started in the whole blogging game.  He’s walked me through some of the steps that helped get me where I am today and has been truly inspirational to thousands of travelers!
  • The World of Deej

    • Deej has created a world of his own over at the World of Deej.  Constructing resort reviews and showcasing some world class cuisine, his writing style and kid-like sense of humor is sure to keep you entertained!
  • Mallory on Travel

    • Iain Mallory has created a mysterious world over on his blog.  His patriotic demeanor & thirst for adventure has led him all over the world defining the true meaning of Wanderlust!
  • Johnny Vagabond

    • Join Wes as he travels the ideal way through any place & experience the true taste of travel just like a local.
  • Over Yonderlust

    • Shaun & Erica, two high school sweet hearts who are now married, turned a penny & a promise into a full time dedication to travel the world.  Now they are moving from place to place, experiencing life as it is with an attitude that’s “in to win”!
  • Adventurous Kate

    • At a young age of 26, Kate quit her 9-5 job & moved to Asia where she turned her blog into a full time business.  Now her goal is to teach aspiring travelers how they, too can travel the world easily, safely & adventurously!
  • Fox Nomad

    • Growing up with a keen interest in culture, technology & travel, Anil Polat started the foXnoMad blog to teach people like you the tips, tricks & tech “know how” to get out there and explore the world.  His goal now?  To visit every country in the world!
  • The Planet D

    • Dave & Deb are two adventurous Canadians who truly love to live a life less ordinary than most.  Join them as they step off the beaten path & explore unoriginal destinations!
  • Crazy Sexy Fun Traveller

    • Alexandra puts a whole new sexy twist on her adventures around the world & she makes it obvious that the reason for her life is to travel!
  • eTramping

    • Their goal is to travel around the world on less than $25 per day.  Inspirational?  Of course it is!  These guys truly believe that money can’t stop ones dream from coming true!

Congratulations to all that have made it on my top list of travel blogs that I think deserve a little recognition.  Each and every one of these blogs I read on a weekly basis and have kept me going with my career as a travel blogger simply through inspiration and what they love to do…travel!

Have a blog that I haven’t heard of?  Leave your link in the comments section below as I LOVE to hear about crazy new adventures!