ESPN Winter X Games in Aspen ColoradoWith Shaun White’s perfect run in the 2012 Aspen Winter X Games, it’s hard to find a better year to attend ESPN’s annual event.

It was now entering Day 2 of the X Games and I was extremely stoked.  

After watching day 3 of the competition, I couldn’t wait to see what was in store for the finales.  Sure enough, and as predicted, the competitors didn’t let the viewers down.  In short, these guys were moving so fast that I couldn’t even catch them on my crappy little point and shoot camera so I decided to break out my HD Camcorder and start capturing things from a new perspective: via video.  

Enjoy this short but wildly epic and wildly awesome video breakdown of the final days in the 2012 Winter X Games here in Aspen, Colorado!

Aspen Winter X Games | Video 

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Would you like to visit the Aspen Winter X Games?