Austria Europe Garden Square AlleyEurope is full of amazing sites, countries, cultures & exotic cuisines.

You could literally spend an entire lifetime just exploring this region of the world or even destinations along the Mediterranean Sea.  It’s as easy as booking a flight, finding a hotel and getting out there!

Take a look below at 5 of the things that you must do while in Austria.  Before you know it you’re going to find yourself wanting to get out there and get the experience first hand!

Best things to do in Austria

Ride the Rails

While in Europe don’t fly from Point A to Point B, take the railway.  This will allow you to pass through the different countries and even give you the opportunity to jump off and explore a little.

Discover the City of Vienna

The city of Vienna is both very beautiful, full of history and loaded down with art.  While in the area, explore a little and make sure to put sites like the Hofburg Imperial Palace as well as all the other beautifully designed buildings in the area.  This is a great way to both sight-see and get your daily walk out of the way!

Eat a Wiener Schnitzel

A Wiener Schnitzel is basically a cutlet of veal that is pounded flat, coated in flour, egg and breadcrumbs only to be then fried in lard.  It’s available in just about any restaurant or food stand that serves Viennese & is delicious!

Bike throughout Austria

Going on a cycling excursion throughout Austria is the perfect way to see the countryside, small towns & cities.  Simply bring your own bike (or rent one), create your own route and get on the road.  But make sure to keep your bike safe. This will not only create a unique experience but give you a real idea of what it’s like to see this beautiful country from an entirely different perspective.

Head for the Alps

When in doubt on what to do during your next visit, just head for the Alps.  There are literally endless possibilities on what you can do and if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this is the place you want to be.  Give a go at rock climbing, mountain biking, white water rafting, caving, paragliding or anything else you can think of!

Have you ever been to Austria, Europe before?  What would you recommend to see, eat or do while traveling in Austria?