Mexico is considered one of the closest and most affordable destinations that budget travelers can visit in the continental United States.  And man do we!

Tourist flock to this unique country every year to experience something new and get away from their normal ordain lives.

It’s not only because it’s just that cheap, although this is true, but it’s easily accessible too.  With numerous vacation packages offered via air, land or sea it’s no wonder why hundreds of thousands of people decide to spend their holidays in Mexico.

So whether you’re wanting to spend your holiday searching for a fiesta in Cancun, all-inclusive resort style luxury in Tulum, taking a cruise from the Caribbean or driving on a cross-country road trip through the central regions of Mexico, here are 7 guides to Mexico from the travel bloggers who have been there themselves!

Travel blogger’s guide to Mexico

How I Experienced Cancun For (Nearly) Free

Justin from True Nomads knows the tips & tricks when it comes to budget travel.  Take a look at how he traveled to Cancun, with barely anything in his pocket, and managed to escape with a week of free housing, free margaritas, and a free seafood dinner while only paying cents on the dollar for transportation!

Cancun Mexico Tropical Waters Ocean Sea Carribbean

Swimming with Wild Sea Turtles in Akumal

The Aussie’s over at Travel with Bender had a fantastic first-hand experience swimming with sea turtles down in Akumal, Mexico.  Read up on how they managed to pay only 35 pesos (about $2.70 USD) for a full day of snorkeling with these beautiful little creatures!

Wild Sea Turtle Swimming Cancun Mexico

Exploring the Rio Secreto, the Riviera Maya’s Underground River

Bret & Mary over at Green Global Travel has dedicated their lives to moving around eco-tourism, wildlife conservation & cultural preservation type travels.  Take a look at their amazing underground adventure exploring the Rio Secreto, the Riviera Maya’s amazing underground river!

Rio Secreto Underground River Stalagmite Mexico Maya Riviera

Tips for Visiting Baja, Mexico

Jessica over at Curiosity Travels got together with a fellow travel expert on Mexico, her Dad.  Combined they wrote a nice post covering border crossing, local transportation, driving & safety throughout Mexico amongst many other handy little tips.  Take a look at their tips on her blog if you plan to do a road trip from Cali going South!

Baja Mexico California Desert

Central America is Safe to Travel too!

Nicole over at The Suitcase Stories doesn’t skip a beat in her blog post of why it’s safe to travel in Mexico and anywhere else in Central America; regardless of what anyone (including the media) thinks!  Take a look at her blog post and find out how she, along with many other bloggers, had a safe trip in Central America.

Mexico City Central America

There you have it: 5 must-read posts on what to do, where to go and how to do it all broken down by travel bloggers. Are there any tips you would like to add to this travel bloggers guide for traveling in Mexico?