7 fun things to do on 7 continentsNo matter where you go on vacation around the world, there are always fun things to do – especially if you’re the dandy owner of a passport giving you access to all 7 continents.

Want to see the world in a different way or simply stand out from the crowd?

There are various different backpacking activities everywhere you go; from trekking into the little known regions of Northern Laos, to shark diving in the Caribbean, or even snowboarding off the edge of a cliff in the Rocky Mountains to do some paragliding, there is always something fun to do.

So, from the 7 different continents of the globe, travel with me as I go around the world to discover the top 7 fun things to do on 7 continents!

Fun Things to do Around the World

1.) Hot Air Balloon in Asia

Bagan Myanmar hot air balloon view

Have you ever dreamt of floating with the clouds, looking down on our world, and admiring its vastness from above?  

Every year, thousands of people get a taste of what it’s like to do just this.  One of the most spectacular places to do this is in Myanmar of Southeast Asia.  You may want to keep an eye on the weather though because these things will only move as fast as the wind will carry you.  Back in 1999, Betrand Piccard and Brian Jones floated around the world in just 20 days!  How adventurous!

2.) Hang Gliding in North America

Hang Glide Gliding

Flying 20,000 feet up in the air is an experience most believe only pilots or birds can have but not anymore.  Ever look into hang gliding?  To date, the longest distance ever travelled by hang glider is 437 miles.

I would say this is definitely far enough to conspire some crazy trip across North America.  You can take hang gliding classes all over the world especially in high tourist areas such as Hawaii, Banff, and New York.  The dynamics are quite simple: a trained pilot prepares to launch from a hill early in the morning just before the sun rises.  As the sun rises, the land heats up creating thermals of hot air that rise into the air.  Talking about getting a birds eye view!

3.) Photography in Antarctica 

Frozen in Time | 10 Best Images of Antarctica

If you are an animal lover and love cool weather, maybe you should consider traveling to Antarctica.

There are a vast amount of images to be taken, just take a look at my 10 best photos of Antarctica as proof.  Departing from the southern-most part of South America, you can take a cruise to Antarctica where you’ll get the opportunity to get a first hand look at icebergs, penguins, whales, and much more.

4.) Tour by Bicycle in Europe

Amsterdam, Canal, Buildings, City, Bridge, Netherlands

If you enjoy a nice bike ride through the country side, then why not try to take a week or two vacation and rent a bike to ride somewhere through France or Italy?  

Billions of people around the world ride bikes everyday and, since its invention back in the early 1800’s, it has developed into quite a helpful form of transportation.  Although you may not want to go as extreme as riding clear across the continent, simply adding a small rack onto your back to carry gear will allow you to lengthen your bike ride for days on end, creating a beautiful and economically friendly trip wherever you may want to go.

5.) Safari by Camel in Africa

Safari Camel Desert

It may not be ideal in Canada, but in places of severe dry climate such as Northern Africa, riding a camel across the desert would not only be interesting, but also quite a lot of fun.

Picture it: if you find someone with a case of road rage simply have your camel spit on them! HA!  Okay, maybe not, but you can’t tell me that taking 5 days to cross a desert, sleeping under the starlit sky, and singing kumbaya alongside locals in the process wouldn’t be a cool experience.

6.) Sea Kayaking in South America

Sea Kayak Ocean

If you are a bit athletic or you would like to build your upper body strength, the next time you fly into South America, try renting a kayak and check out the inland waterways.  Some kayaks are so luxurious you can even pack a tent along with all your camping gear for a couple of overnight trips in the backcountry!

7.) Sailing in Australia

sailing sail racing ocean sea

As far as I’m concerned, sailing is up there with hang gliding around the world.  There are thousands of people who circumnavigate around the world every year, so why cant you be one of them?

A good place to start a trip of this magnitude would be Australia or New Zealand.  Tour the waterways, go along the coastline, and always make sure you make a stop at the Great Barrier Reef.  Visiting Australia and looking for other budget minded things to do?  Take a look at my top 5 budget friendly tips for traveling in Australia.

Which of these fun things to do would you like to attempt on your next vacation?