Life's a BeachTraveling to the Caribbean doesn’t have to be all that expensive. Cheap flights are always available for purchase; considering you book it strategically and more so during the off-season.

Also, knowing the right budget travel tips for booking flights before you get there can be uber useful as well.

But once you get your tips down and some money saved up, where should you go first?

The Caribbean consists of over 700 islands making it literally an endless possibility of where you could end up, what beach you could nap on or where to taking that diving excursion.

Reaching out to my fellow travel bloggers, I have asked around to find some of the best guides on where to go, what to do & what’s the most exciting things to see.  So without further ado, here are my 8 guides to the Caribbean: a breakdown by the travel bloggers who have been there themselves!

Caribbean travel destinations and activities

Deep Sea Fishing in Cozumel

Fresh Ahi Ahi steaks,  the thrill of catching sharks put this at the top of my list.  If you’ve never been deep sea fishing trust me when I say it’s a blast!  I had the privilege of going several times back in Daytona Beach but never in the Caribbean.

Deep Sea Fishing with Divergent Travelers

Who know’s what the crystal clear turquoise waters will turn up.  Join Lina & Dave, a married couple from Wisconsin over at Divergent Travelers as they go deep sea fishing in Cozumel!

Exploring the Tiny Island of St. Kitts

Despite being a raving cruise ship port, the tiny island of St. Kitts holds many little jewels that are worth exploring.  Not only is this tiny island home to Frigate Bay (where the Atlantic & Caribbean Oceans meet) but it is also well known for its white sandy beaches as well as the largest fortress ever built in the Eastern Caribbean (the Brimstone Hill Fortress).

Jess on the Caribbean Island of St. Kitts

Join Jess over at A Passion & A Passport as explores the tiny island of St. Kitts during her week-long cruise in the Caribbean.

St. Lucia Three-In-One Adventure

Having the experience of zip-lining through the forest in Florida as well as the Gibbon Experience, I can tell you that the experience provides one heck of a rush!  But what happens when you turn that forest into a tropical rainforest accompanied by waterfalls & jeep jungle treks?  You get one heck of an experience!

Zip Lining Travel with Bender

Join Erin, Josh, Mia & Caius on their blog Travel with Bender as they go on a three-in-one adventure through the tropical rainforest of St. Lucia.

Bonaire with Kids: Flamingos and Donkeys in the Wild

Bonaire offers a fantastic location for diving & snorkeling, but what if that’s just not your thing?  This small island still offers plenty of exploration opportunities as well as a cute Dutch Colonial style downtown area where you can browse over exotic fruits, handmade crafts & jewelry.

Bonaire Caribbean Beach

Join Mary over at The World is a Book as she, her husband & 2 kids travel to Bonaire and explore the islands odd setting of a wild donkey, flamingos, cacti & beaches.

Visiting the Forbidden Island: Cuba

Regardless of it being illegal for United States citizens to enter Cuba, that doesn’t stop us from going.  This wondrous island is full of cultural treasures, hidden beaches & the most authentic of Cuban food.

Cuba Caribbean 1 Dad, 1 Kid

Join Talon over at 1 Dad, 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure as he breaks down what it takes to get in (and out) of that forbidden island we call Cuba.

Top 5 Things to do in Grenada

Learn how to make rum, take a road trip to Grand Etang Lake, swim under a waterfall or learn how to make authentic chocolate from the cocoanut itself (a process much different from that of Hershey’s Chocolate Factory).  All options seem like great things to do.

Chocolate Cocoa Grenada

Join Neil over at Backpackers and Bunkbeds as he breaks down the top 5 things to do while traveling in Grenada.

30 Beautiful Photos of Cartagena, Colombia

What better way to get inspired to visit a place than to simply view all of its natural beauty.  The tropical colors run abundant through the streets as local Colombians continue their day to day tasks of selling tropical fruit, chatting fruitfully & enjoying a nice walk while feeding fat little pigeons.

Columbia Caribbean Tropic Colors

Join Stephanie over at Discovering Ice as she shows off the vibrant colors of Cartagena in 30 beautiful photos to inspire you to visit Colombia.

Hunte’s Gardens Barbados

Just as wondrous as the tropical gardens in Costa Rica, Barbados is full of beautiful and intriguing flowers all over the island that are ready to spoil your eyes with pure beauty.

Hunte's Garden Barbados Caribbean

Join Michael & Nicole over at Suitcase Stories as they walk through Hunte’s Garden in Barbados, the most enchanting place on earth!

Where would you like to visit in the Carribbean?