Arts & Culture of Carbondale | Visit ColoradoThe art and culture of the local Colorado community can definitely be found in the small town of Carbondale.

With a tiny population just above 6,000 people, a Sunday drive brought my really good friend and I to this small artistic town.  

And when I say small – I mean small!  

We walked around the entire town within a span of 10-15 minutes and during that time, I had to run back to the car just to get my camera because I was overwhelmed with the amount of art that was quite literally everywhere.  Walk with me as I tour Carbondale, discovering one of the many small secrets of Colorado outside of the very popular tourist spot of downtown Aspen.

Carbondale’s Art and Culture

While strolling down the sidewalk, I noticed this cool wall that decorated the outside of one of the many shops in town.  There were quite a few walls, actually that had different forms of art glass built into them.  

Such a great way to enrich the town while recycling at the same time!

Arts & Culture of Carbondale | Visit ColoradoAnother beautiful and oddly smooth concrete piece of art, this “Dancing Lady” posed proudly for me on one of the few street corners in Carbondale.  I love this statue because if you look at her shadow she mimics a ballet dancer!

Arts & Culture of Carbondale | Visit Colorado

I’m not entirely sure at what this piece is supposed to be…perhaps a some sea grass with a metal gear that fell off of a ship behind it…or maybe an eye peaking through the meadows of Colorado in the Spring…what do you think?

Arts & Culture of Carbondale | Visit Colorado

It never fails…everywhere you go in Colorado you’re going to find a hippie, some hippie remnants or a hemp shop!  To me this painting stood out because it reminds you exactly how bright everyone is around this area of the United States.  

Seriously, everywhere you go you will get a polite greeting, a helping hand and everyone is more than willing to help you out by giving you the shirt off their backs…even if it is 15 degrees outside!  I love Colorado and its unique culture!

Arts & Culture of Carbondale | Visit Colorado

Personally, my favorite piece of art in Carbondale was this one right here.  Isn’t it unique?  The picture doesn’t do justice as the details were simply amazing.  Looking up close, the lines in the wings were nearly realistic and the expressions in each face was inspiring.

Arts & Culture of Carbondale | Visit Colorado

So the bottom line is, what did I get out of this beautiful work of art?  Well, to me this sculpture represented a sleeping man with his head in the clouds.  But his head wasn’t just “in the clouds”, it was in the thoughts of angels…beautiful thoughts…errr…dreams if you will.  

I guess you could say that his dreams were as beautiful as angels and with the angels flying away, he was giving his thoughts to the world.  That’s what I got out of it anyways!  If you’re spending some time in this portion of Colorado, be sure to check out some of the top things to do in downtown Aspen.  If you’re looking for something a little more off-the-beaten-path, take a look at my snowshoeing into Aspen’s backcountry adventure!

Do you like to visit places like Carbondale that’s full of local art and culture?