It’s come to my attention that blogging has taken a new role in life.  It’s no longer just the fun & games of writing about my adventures.  Now I’ve realized that I’m actually running a full time business, not just a blog.  Social networking is no longer just pleasure, it’s a direct stream of traffic for my blog and in the blogging industry, traffic = money.

But what about you, fellow bloggers?  How do you see your blog?  Is it just something you do for fun or do you actually see it as a business?  And if you do see it as a business, what have you done to ensure it’s success?  Have you set up a 5 year plan on what you can do to further exceed expectations?  Do you have a business model or a set income other than selling sponsored posts, text links or anything of the sort?  In other words, do you have a product or service that your fans simply cannot live without?


Where will you be going with your blog?

These are the questions that having been running through my mind recently.  Having running my blog for a little over 2 years now, I can’t help to wonder how long my “little jots” are going to keep me going.  As I transition over from my simple online diary into a full-time business, I start to think of different ways to ensure my success as a travel blogger transitioning over into a travel writer.

Becoming a professional in this industry is no easy task.  And as a growing multi-billion dollar industry I start to wonder why so many travel bloggers are so limited in the way they make their money and ensure their own success.

I read an article the other day by Matt of Nomadic Matt and he brought up the same concerns.  The question for me being, what is the next step in the online travel blog community?

When are we, the so called professionals of the travel world, going to take a bigger step and play a bigger role in the travel industry?  After all, we are the ones who travel for a living.  We get the glitz and granola of just about every destination because in the end, that’s what we love to do.

Hints why we are so good at it…because we’re happy.

But as Matt had said in a recent article I read, are we (the bloggers) limiting ourselves and setting our own boundaries?  I think we are.  Many of us are not looking outside the box as much as we could in certain areas.  Sure we’re not afraid to eat balut in the Philippines which is great and all as it creates a good story but what about our blogs?

Not many people are focusing on ways to further promote their blog and to see it succeed as a business.  Not many of us are setting up business models nor are we creating different products or services that can help expand what we have built.  Additionally, how many of us are looking for ways to actually better our writing because, in the end, that’s the guts of our entire business model…the content.

Read a Book

What is your product and/or service?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t see the entire travel blogging community moving forward and developing the way that we could.  There are so many opportunities to expand and grow, yet, we are all blissfully unaware that we can do so.

I mean, have you asked yourself if you’ve done what you can do?  If you believe that you’ve done all that you can do to further yourself and your business then I would like to ask you a few questions to challenge the fact:

  1. Have you created a business plan for your blog?

  2. Have you contacted all forms of media (both traditional & new) to help publicize your blog?

  3. Do you have any products/services that compliment your niche?  In other words, what can people purchase when they come to your “store”?

  4. What have you done to improve your writing skills?

  5. How do you stand out compared to other bloggers?  What makes your blog unique from everyones else?

Can you answer these questions 100 percent?  If so, great!  That means you’re off to a good start but don’t think for a second that’s the end of it.  You’re building a business and just like all great business, it takes some investing (both with time and money) to really take yourself to the next level.

I want to leave you off with these thoughts because, like all great things it takes time and planning.  I would also like to challenge you, the everyday blogger, to think more outside the box and how you can make a difference by bringing our community out of this rut it’s been in for so long.  We need to pull together and truly conspire ways to build our business that makes us stick out because this is what’s going to turn the average blogger who “barely gets by” into someone who has a flourishing business with a fantastic plan to succeed.


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