About Ronald Robbins

Ronald Robbins is the Founder of Active Planet Travels adventure travel blog and Clicta Digital, a digital marketing agency based out of Denver, Colorado. He has found most of his professional interests in being an adventure travel blogger, photographer & bizarre food enthusiast.

10 Best Beaches in the World

2024-06-03T12:05:08-04:00By |

When it comes to idyllic getaways and sun-kissed shores, the world boasts many breathtaking beaches. These best beaches in the world are destinations that cater to every traveler's dream.  It [...]

Everything You Need to Know About eSIM

2024-05-20T10:54:14-04:00By |

eSIM technology is revolutionizing how we connect to mobile networks, offering a seamless and innovative alternative to traditional SIM cards.  This cutting-edge technology embeds SIM functionality directly into devices. Hence, [...]

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