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Ronald Robbins is the Founder of Active Planet Travels adventure travel blog and Clicta Digital, a digital marketing agency based out of Denver, Colorado. He has found most of his professional interests in being an adventure travel blogger, photographer & bizarre food enthusiast.

Where is Chatsworth House?

2022-12-02T12:02:19-05:00By |

The seat of the Duke of Devonshire, Chatsworth House is one of the finest stately homes in the world – a masterclass in English Baroque architecture. Containing works of art [...]

What To Do in Liverpool

2022-11-23T02:52:58-05:00By |

Ever heard of a band called The Beatles? Ringo any bells? Unless you've been living under a rock – for the past half-century – you'll know this legendary band hails [...]

Where is Cornwall, England?

2022-11-23T01:34:34-05:00By |

Cornwall is England's hidden gem – a glorious county (and once separate kingdom) of sandy coves, endless beaches, and some of the best weather anywhere in the British Isles. Celtic [...]

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