Other than finding the very impressive Apes & Chimpanzees of the Myombe Reserve as well as the ancient Tomb of the Pharaoh, take a look at all of the beautiful birds we found while cruising through Busch Gardens in todays Photo Essay!

I’ve heard of a white Ibis before but never Pink!

Quacker one & two were chillin on the side of the pond.

Foraging for food on the side of the creek. 

I think this guy was looking at his reflection…

Birds perched in the tree looking at all the chaos of below.

More Pink Ibis doing what Pink Ibis do.

This guy was very interested in my lens.  As I attempted to get a better shot he would jump back & forth between his branch and the fencing. 

The Pink Flamingo posing for the Camera!

There were a great variety of them too!

I have no idea what this little guy is but he’s pretty gnarly looking.

Is it just me or does this little fella look a little angry?

A very beautiful ducks was sitting underneath a large log.

White Vulture, I believe to be from South Africa.

Toucans are beautiful creatures…just don’t let them get near you with that beak!

With a small cup of juice, this guy flew right onto my arm!

Three red birds sitting in the tree, God I hope they don’t poop on me…

I hope you enjoyed this photo essay I compiled while visiting Busch Gardens with my family.  What is your favorite theme park you’ve ever been to?


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