Backpacker TipsTraveling in major airports can come with a ton of hassles.  First is the initial step of finding a cheap and affordable flight.

Next, once you actually get to the airport, you’ll be driving through the endless miles of parking lots to find an affordable parking space.  Lastly comes the hassle of making it through the check out counters, security lines and finding an affordable meal.

But as you make it through all of this, did you notice to take the most affordable route available?   How much did you pay for parking, your meal or that delicious thirst quenching cocktail? Flying through many airports since the beginning of my days traveling, I learned that being that particular cheap skate can really pay off.

“Save a Dollar, Pinch a Penny.”

When traveling, especially traveling overseas, every dollar you save counts.  Saving $5 here and there can really add up especially when you’re in places like Thailand or Laos where it’s possible to budget an entire days travel around $5-$10 bucks. So here are a few ways you can cut the corners while running from terminal to terminal on your next flight out.

Cheap Airport Guide

Find Cheap Parking

How much money do you spend on parking when you go to the airport? $50? $100? $200+ ?  Whether you realize it or not, the day to day parking can really add up to be quite an expensive hassle.  But what if you were to use a middle man company?

By taking this route, you can really save up a wad of cash by taking advantage of special deals they offer.  For instance, instead of paying $20-$30 dollars per day, go with a 5-10 day special and you could save half of the money you were originally going to spend.

Some other alternatives (ones that I personally use all the time) would be to simply have a friend or family member drop you off at the airport and pick you up, using the city transit or even hitch-hiking.

Eat on the Cheap

It’s easy to spend big money on food at the airport.  The monopoly style set up ensures that mostly everything is overpriced and that you’ll be receiving minimal quantities of grub.

This being the case, have you ever considered bringing your own food with you to the airport?  By simply purchasing a sandwich or some other form of food from the store or a safe street vendor and stashing it on your body, you could easily get by and have a super cheap meal.

If stashing food is outside your repertoire, then shop around before you settle on a certain meal because sometimes it’s cheaper to simply get a full meal at the Chinese take-away place than to stock up on pricey (and unhealthy) junk food.

Take that Airline Voucher

Plane Asia ChinaWhile sitting at the gate awaiting to arrive to some new destination, I’ve been offered a plethora of times the opportunity to delay my flight in return for an airline voucher.

Have you ever been given this offer?  If so, then take it!

In exchange for a small delay in your travel plans, most airlines will be more than willing to offer you an airline voucher; in other words a certificate worth a certain amount of money to put towards a future flight.

This sort of thing is usually only available at the airport but, if you’re in no rush and are willing to delay your flight by a few extra hours, you could have just gotten yourself a free flight towards your next getaway.

What are your tips for saving money at the airport?