Located in the eastern province of Spain and bunkering up right next to the shimmering blue waters of the Balearic Sea, Barcelona remains one of the top destinations to visit in Europe by many world travelers.

And who’d wonder why?  If you’re looking to take a cheap flight to a new destination in the world, then Barcelona has plenty of great offers for just about any budget.  It doesn’t matter if you’re coming from America, Central America, Canada or Europe, there are always special deals & promotions at just about any time of the year, especially during the offseason.

But with the combination of endless cultural feasts, exotic spas, awe-inspiring architecture & friendly people I believe it will remain on the top of my bucket list to visit sometime very soon as well as it should be yours!

So without further ado, here is a list of some of the top things you must do while visiting Barcelona…all broken down by our knowledgeable travel bloggers who have been there themselves!

Travel blogger must do’s in Barcelona

Face-Stuffing in Barcelona

Barcelona Food

Stuff your face with Katrina over at Tour Absurd on some of the most delicious treats in Barcelona, let alone Spain.  The all too famous deep fried cream-filled churros, bean stingy Mexican food or fresh seafood straight from the Mediterranean.  Looking to try something a little healthier?

Then you’ll find no lack of fresh fruit here as mangos, bananas, avocados and strawberries are available for picking right at your fingertips along with a plethora of many other fruits & veggies.  Take a look at Katrina’s experience first hand and see how she stuffed her face in Barcelona!

Thermal Baths & Hot Springs in Caldes de Malavella

Take a leg cracking, skin soothing, stress relieving day at the spa in the thermal baths of Caldes de Malavella with Kate over at Adventurous Kate.  These natural hot springs are a great escape from the normal escapades of exploring the city of Barcelona especially if you’ve been walking around all day.

Release the tension, pour yourself a glass of wine and just let go in this small inland town of Caldes de Malavella and enjoy the best sunsets of your life.

The Weirdest Thing About Parc Guell

Weird Barcelona

Enjoy the pleasant, peaceful and odd park of Parc Guell?  That’s what Michael & Maryl’s over at the Easy Hiker recommends you must do while in Barcelona.  This large collection of community buildings were turned into a public park that now attracts tourists every year to see the odd artwork and designs.  Come find out what the weirdest thing about Parc Guell is.

Modernism, Gothic & Renaissance Architecture

Church Barcelona

The stunning architecture alone is reason enough to visit Barcelona but when you explore the city a little more like the Suitcase Stories had, you’ll discover a rich mixture of both gothic and renaissance style architecture amongst the modern day buildings.

As always, the best method for exploring the city is by simply getting lost.  And then you’ll find out how you can fall in love with Barcelona.

Panoramic Views at Turo de la Rovira

Turo de la Rovira

Are you looking to get a little off the beaten path all the while finding breathtaking views of the city?  Take DreamEuroTrip‘s advice and take a bus with the locals up to the Turo de la Rovira viewpoint.

Here you can get a fantastic view of the city as well as a glimpse at well-known sites such as the Torre Agbar and Sagrada Familia amongst many others.  Best of all, once you get off the bus it’s only about a 15-minute hike up!

Dans le Noir (Eat in the Dark)

Dans le Noir

If you’ve already been through Barcelona and have splurged on the diversity of delicious food, then perhaps you should change it up a bit.  Why not try eating in the dark?  According to Raymond over at Man on the Lam, this unique experience is designed to be a real treat for all of your senses.

After you are guided into a dark room by someone who is blind, you continue on with your normal dinner rituals….in the dark!  Be sure to not dress too nicely as this fun experience called Dans le Noir may just get a little messy!

What would you like to see or do in Barcelona?