Glass FlowersLas Vegas is full of breathtaking oddities that you don’t find anywhere else in the world.  Amongst visiting the Eiffel Tower at Paris, bungee jumping off the Stratosphere and getting the Fremont Street experience it’s easy to find things to do.  Not to mention the numerous amounts of cash you can blow (and potentially win) while gambling.

Not to mention the numerous amounts of cash you can blow (and potentially win) while gambling.

This is the reason why many gamblers see the place as a serious venue to play in Poker tournaments.  But in between trying to win it big and having the Vegas experience of a lifetime, how do you find those small little gems that not everyone knows about?  You know, those hole in the wall places.

Although I would like to think there are no grungy hole in the wall places in Vegas as everything is of the glitz and the glory, you can still find breathtaking sites every now and again deep inside the massive resorts.  Believe it or not, most gems are hidden in plain sight and right in front of your eyes.  To find them all it takes is some know-how, a bit of exploring and a little luck.

Bellagio Flower Conservatory

During my last visit to Las Vegas Nevada, my buddy David and I had the pleasure of getting the locals tour.  Amongst visiting the Hoover Dam and walking up the strip during the wee hours of the night, our gracious guide Robert took us to visit the astounding Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.  Browse through the photos below and get a peek at the wonders held within in today’s photo essay…you may even get a whiff of the soothing aroma the flowers put out in the delicate night.

Giant Flower


This Giant Flower stood proudly.


Flower Bird & Snail


There were numerous animals made from flower bouquets.


Snail Flower


Decorative Snail Flower Bouquet.


Glowing Pond


The small glowing pond inside the Conservatory.


Bird & Tree house


Decorative bird under the tree house.


Pink Butterflies


The pink butterflies were a wonderful touch!




Kites flew above all of the garden.


Lighthouse & Kites


The lighthouse with kites flying around it.


Mandarin Butterflies


Mandarin butterflies gave the entire place that natural love.


Full Glass Flowers


In the casino just outside the conservatory, breathtaking works of glass art were displayed on the ceiling.


Spending a good 30 minutes exploring the flora, artwork, and architecture of the garden, I must say that our time was well spent here.  It was so unusual to see such a beautifully landscaped conservatory all inside a casino let alone in the middle of the desert.

The essence of the summer season was more lively than I had seen in years.  Doing a little more research about the place, I later learned that over 140 expert horticulturist is brought in to theatrically change the layout, water features, bridges and gazebos of the entire conservatory every season.  This pretty much guaranteed that you never get tired of such an amazing display.

Have you ever seen the Bellagio Flower Conservatory in Las Vegas?