Bellroy Travel Wallet CocoaShuffling through your backpack, you struggle to find your visa, passport and other travel documents as you walk up to the security counter.  Beads of sweat rolling down your face, you nervously go from pocket to pocket and pouch to pouch but still find nothing.

As all hope is just about lost, you finally reach into your last pocket and ‘voila’, everything you need is stuffed into an oversized envelope.

Has this ever happened to you? 

There have been countless times where I’ve arrived at the airport unorganized with my documents scattered all over my pack. If only I had planned my adventure a little better. You think I would’ve learned after traveling for as long as I have but, of course, I have not. 

My bacon & eggs duct tape wallet wasn’t cutting it and I needed to do a little upgrading so, after doing a bit of research throughout the travel wallet market, I decided to settle on Bellroy’s Travel Wallet

Take a look at my review and see if this is the wallet to help keep you organized on your next trip out!

The Bellroy Travel Wallet

Bellroy Features/Specs

  • 2 colors available (midnight or cocoa)
  • Sections for passport, tickets & all currency sizes
  • 4 quick & easy access card slots (+2 extra slots)
  • Dimensions: 15cm x 9.4cm (holds 8+ cards)
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
  • Premium full grade vegetable tanned leather


  • Any size currency
  • 2-8 cards credit, debit or business cards
  • 1 Passport
  • 1 Micro Pen (w/ 1 additional ink cartridge)
  • 1 Sim Card

Factory Images

Bellroy Travel Wallet

Bellroy Travel Wallet 2

Bellroy Travel Wallet 3

Bellroy Travel Wallet 4

Bellroy Travel Wallet 5

Bellroy Travel Wallet 6

My 2¢ on the Bellroy Travel Wallet Features


I was a bit shocked when I first received the wallet.  Shipping was uber fast (it only took 2 days once I put my order in) and I received it in flawless condition.

As the company mentioned, it’s made of high-quality leather and offers just enough of a smooth texture to slide into your pocket but enough of a grip to not slide out while sitting down or walking around a new city.  There are a plethora of extra pockets making organization of currency, documents, credit cards & even room for 1 SIM card a cinch.  

This is by far my favorite part as I’m a big collector of currency from different countries which would have it very convenient for my recent trip to Asia as the currency over there comes in a variety of sizes.

The extra miniature pen was a nice addition to the wallet along with the extra cartridge.  I recently took it on my cruise to the Bahamas and, while readying to fill out my customs form, the only pen that was around was the one in my wallet.


Being that it is slightly larger than a passport, I wouldn’t recommend this particular wallet for someone who likes wearing really tight jeans as it may not fit.  I wear a little more on the comfortable/baggy side and it sticks out of my back pocket about 1-2 cm, however, I usually place my wallet in the front pocket of my pants for better security and I haven’t had any problems concealing it.

Another drawback would be the cost; at $120 USD it’s a bit outside someone who may be on a tight budget.  The upside would be the fact that although it may cost you more money upfront, it’s going to save you in the long run on not only cash but also time and stress as you’re making your way through security/customs at the airport.

The Bottom Line

The crew at Bellroy really knew what they were doing while designing the Bellroy Travel Wallet.  I highly recommend for anyone to purchase one if they are an avid traveler like myself and want to eliminate the stress factor of traveling through an airport abroad.

Have you ever used a Bellroy Travel Wallet to carry your travel documents while traveling abroad?