Best Indonesia Destinations, Attractions, & Things to doThe best Indonesia destinations, attractions, and things to do are located on more than just the island of Bali.

Although taking an adventure in Bali is pretty awesome, there is plenty more to see while traveling in this region of the world.

Between the vast amount of temples, exotic beaches, and indigenous cuisine, you could easily take an adventure that lasts upwards of 3-4 weeks in this region around the world.

But be careful with what you ingest (as delicious as it may be) as you could easily catch a stomach virus, leaving you with quite a bad experience while traveling in Indonesia.  However, if you follow my guide to eating safely from street vendors, your odds of catching the stomach flu could be minimized tremendously.

So, after resting up after the long flight to Asia, be sure to add the following destinations, attractions, and things to do to your bucket list while traveling in Indonesia!

The Best Indonesia Destinations 

1.) Hike Indonesia’s Mount Rinjani Volcano

Rinjani Indonesia hike volcano view

It’s said that the eruption that created the crater of Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok was so huge that it’s considered the most powerful volcanic blast since humans learned to write.

But don’t fret – Mount Rinjani is completely safe and well worth your time while traveling in Indonesia.  Take a guided 3-day trek into the clouds and see why my buddy Torin says everyone who is able should put this adventure at the top of their bucket list!

2.) Snorkeling at Raja Ampat

Best Indonesia Destinations, Attractions, & Things to do

Raja Ampat is known worldwide for its incredibly awesome, and photogenic, snorkeling opportunities.  

On your giant bucket list of attractions to visit in Indonesia, do NOT forget to add this to your list.  Jump into the water and you’ll be swimming alongside colorful fish and sea turtles in no time – just like the sea turtles I swam alongside in the Hawaiian Islands!

3.) The Temples of Yogjakarta

Best Indonesia Destinations, Attractions, & Things to do

The temples of Yogjakarta are simply one of those must-see destinations in Indonesia.

Located on the island of Java, enjoy your time here renting a motorbike and walking around exploring each of the individual temples, sampling the Soto Ayam (chicken noodle soup), and making some local friends.

4.) Visit the Islands of Nusa Lembongan

Best Indonesia Destinations, Attractions, & Things to do

There are few places around the world that can come close to being as unique as the island of Nusa Lembongan.

Considered as a part of Bali and what I consider to be “the Bali Most Imagine but Never Find“, Nusa Lembongan can offer many activities and things to do, riddled with affordable prices, beachside restaurants, off-the-beaten-path cultural sites, unique islands adventures and, believe it or not, empty pathways for you to ride your scooter.  

Needless to say, this is a part of Indonesia you need to check out!

5.) Flores, Komodo, & Timor – East Nusa Tenggara

Best Indonesia Destinations, Attractions, & Things to do

If you consider yourself a rugged adventurer who doesn’t mind getting a little dirty during your travels, then East Nusa Tenggara (including Flores, Komodo, and Timor) is definitely a destination you MUST visit.

The vibe here is quite different than the rest of Indonesia. With some of the perks of traveling here include taking adventures to undeveloped beaches, trekking up untouched volcanoes, discovering the colored volcanic lakes of Kelimutu, and getting face-to-face with man-eating komodo dragons, you just can’t skip out on this exploration.

What are your most recommended Indonesia adventure destinations, attractions, or things to do?