Food & Wine, Bar, People, Dinner, LunchNew York City is known for many things cosmopolitan, and this is extremely true for the food and wine scene as well.

During my adventures backpacking around the world, I’ve had the privilege of traveling to the Big Apple a handful of times and must say, it’s a city I love to visit!

Between the vastness of explorations around Central Park, to rising up and above Manhattan while strolling down the old High Line Railway, there’s a uniqueness to New York you can’t find anywhere else in the world.  And what better way to explore the best of what NYC has to offer than to discover the culinary scene, have a glass of wine, and kicking it back in a beautiful New York City hotel.

Read on to discover the best of the food & wine scene in New York, New York – all brought to you by the travel bloggers who have been there themselves!

Favorite Food & Wine spots in New York City…

The Bruffin Cafe – This is NOT your average muffin.

A Brit and a Southerner, The Bruffin, NYC, New York City, Muffin

As tested by Chris & Heather from A Brit and A Southerner, the Bruffin makes itself well known as one of the cheap eats in New York City.  This unique hybrid of a muffin is mixed with a brioche style filling that will have your taste buds savoring for more with each savory bite you take.

But what makes this bruffin even more unique?

How about the plethora of flavors, broken down by nationality, that they come in.  That’s right, whether you are French, Indian, Italian, or Spanish, you can get your fill on home-grown ingredients that will bring you back to your childhood days.

Grays Papaya Hotdog – Real New Yorker food, on the cheap.

Gourmet Hot Dog

As recommended by my buddy Leif, long time New Yorker and full-time travel blogger at The Runaway Guide, the one spot you can’t miss out on for an affordable lunch is Grays Papaya Hotdogs.

What makes it so good? Take two beef hot dogs, grill them on the same unwashed grill they have been using since 1975, throw some sauerkraut, onions, and mustard on top, chow down while avoiding oncoming traffic and wash them down with a pint of ice cold papaya juice for just $5.95.

The Standard Biergarten – It is the standard.

Beer Garden Mug Glass Brew

Not only a place to find good German beer, the Standard Biergarten is nestled underneath the pillars of the High Line Park in downtown Manhattan.

But what makes this place so special?

How about year round live music, ping-pong, pretzels, sausages, and bustling atmosphere.  Enclosed by the glass in the winter, and open air in the summer allows year-round enjoyment and a chill, local hotspot for you and your buddies to hang out at any time.

Peasant – Authentic People, Authentic Italian Cuisine.

Spaghetti, Pasta, Italian, Shrimp, Mussels

Whole grilled orata, spit-roasted suckling pig, wood roasted squab & handmade pasta aren’t the only thing you’ll find at this hidden gem in the Little Italy District of New York.

As recommended from the Tolentino family who are fellow foodie enthusiast over at Dish Our Town, Peasant was established back in 1999 and hosts a variety of dishes that, in her words, capture the ‘rustic, pure, and defined flavor‘ of the place.  In other words, they’re just genuine people doing what they genuinely love to do.

Where do you keep your favorite culinary gem hidden in New York City?