Flowers in HiloWhat a beautiful destinations.  The tropical rays from the rising sun lifting you out of bed in the morning.  The wonderful sound of a million different birds chirping frantically as they find their morning meal.  Even before you leave the house you can hear the waves breaking over the surf as a surfer hangs 10 on some 8 foot swell.

Hawaii, particularly the Big Island of Hawaii is one of those places that are for both the romantic honeymooner or the family of six.  Even myself, loning it around the island, had the time of my life meeting the friendly locals and gossiping tourists coming from the cruise ship ports.  I particularly favored the fantastic little markets that temporarily homed many different types of fruit just waiting to be feasted upon.  

But as I sit here in this little coffee shop reflecting on my trip out and sipping my Pumpkin Chai latte, I thought it a good idea to put together a photo essay of my Top 20 Favorite Photos of Hawaii.  But why stick to putting all the photos of all the islands in just one essay?  Why not just put up a couple of photo essays, featuring 20 photos (or somewhere around there) of each island!  

My 20 favorite photos of the Big Island in Hawaii…

Beach in Kona

Boats sitting off the coast of Kona.

Palm Trees

Palm trees & all their glory.

Forest Leaves

The leaves of the forest grew large  & abundant!

Mango Burger

One of my favorite meals: The Hawaiian Mango Cheeseburger with some fries.

Indigenous Hut

The indigenous hut Native Hawaiians used to live in.

Marine Life

Lau i pala swimming in the reef.

Lava Rocks

Lava rock glistening in the sun.

Under the Water

We’re under the sea!

Caught on Film

Yellow & Black fish swimming.

Life after Lava

Even in the aftermath of Kilauea erupting life still flourishes.

Forest Trail

A trail up near Mount Kilauea going through the rainforest.

Rainforest Fern Trees

There was an abundance of Fern trees growing more than 20 feet tall!

Kilauea Lookout Point

Volcano Kilauea in the distance.

Volcan Kilauea

The volcano is still very much alive!


A waterfall near one of the many black sand beaches.

Waterfall in Paradise

Waterfall in the midst of vegetation.

Looking over the Bay

One of the many viewpoints looking out at the Big Island.

Sea Urchin

The spiky Sea Urchin can be a tasty treat.

Rocky Hilo Beach

I loved looking out at the sea from the cooling shade of the trees.

Well there you have it!  Twenty photos (or something like that) of my trip to the Big Island of Hawaii.  Have you ever had the privilege of visiting this tropical paradise?