Road trips always seem to be the trend when I go back home.  Family members, friends, even total strangers find themselves going on a random road trip with myself and we always have a blast!  You just never know where you’re going to end up because you just drive in a general direction and have a “general” point of interest.  

Bottom line: Road trips are fun!

As it turned out, Scottie & I took a road trip out to Cedar Key one sunny Fall afternoon when I was in Florida and I’m glad we did because we stumbled across one of the best little bars I’ve been to in a long time…Black Dog Bar & Tables!

Black Dog Bar & Tables Entrance

The entrance to Black Dog Bar & Tables.

Located in the laid back Gulf Coast town of Cedar Key, Black Dog Bar & Tables was as colorful as ever in the evening sunlight.  As we first walked by not giving it a second thought, the mellowing tunes of the Caribbean drew us inside with some smooth reggae & as I saw their selection of fine wines, cigars & fresh craft beers I knew immediately I was going to like this place.


Open with delicious fresh Sangrias!


Dartboard ready for your convenience!

Letting our eyes adjust to the dim light, we were greeted by the friendly face of a bartender as I glanced around to find a number of random yet entertaining fixtures.  To the left were a set of barber chairs, a dartboard and many other things while to the right sat the bar and it’s great variety of beers…perfect.

Hops or Malt?

Would you like hops with that?

Taking a seat and choosing a beer, I sipped on a cool and refreshing, yet zesty ale.  The bartender gave us a bowl of salty peanuts (the perfect bar snack) and began to tell us a little about the history of the place as well as himself.

As it turned out, this pre-law graduate used to work as a lawyer until he retired from the man, bought this little place in Cedar Key then gutted it out to create the Black Dog Bar & Tables.  Smart move.

Why work for the man in a strenuous work environment when you can own a little bar off the coast of Florida in a laid back town, playing chess with your customers and sipping fine wine to the evening sunset while puffing on a fine cigar.

Wine, Beer & Cigars

Milk, eggs & bread?  NO.  Wine, Beer & Cigars!


Fine Cigars that were delicious!

After conversing for about 10-15 minutes, I heard a boat go by the back of the bar which brought my attention towards a cabinet full of fine cigars.  Taking down the remainder of my beer (and ordering another 😉 ), Scottie and I went to investigate what this little bar had to offer.  They weren’t lying when they said they had a nice selection.

Although somewhat limited, what they did have was really good.  Glancing through and trying to choose which would taste best with my beer, I eventually settled with a Caribbean Rum flavored cigar which was so smooth I barely even noticed I was smoking it.  Is it possible to drink a cigar?  I don’t know but this one was sweet enough too and that evening I just might had!

Tiki Head Outside

The tiki head up the street was on fire in the evening sun!

Docks outside

No need to stay inside when you’ve got this outside!

Sitting outside and smoking our cigars, the bartender joined us as we watched the evening sun make it’s way to bed.  I’ve never been to a place that was so laid back as this.  While some came close, none were the same nor did they give the same great vibe.

As the sun settled a group of people walked into the bar and thus the nightlife of Cedar Key began.  We spent the rest of the evening making new friends, sipping our beers and smoking fine cigars.  This is the life.


Ending the day with a beautiful sunset!

If you ever get the chance to visit Cedar Key, Florida, make sure to swing by the Black Dog Bar & Tables to enjoy some great treats along with good company.  

What would be your perfect evening along a Gulf Coast town like Cedar Key?