Travel Blogger Press Trips

For experienced travel writers, press trips area unit as previous because of the starting of your time. Press trips for travel bloggers and influencers, on the opposite hand, area unit comparatively new. Thus for those of you reading this World Health Organization aren’t accustomed to the team at Sidewalker Daily, we have a tendency to work with business boards, hotels and travel brands on all things influencer promoting.

When it involves press trips, we have a tendency to try this for a living. From organizing a visit, pitching influencers, hosting trips, providing shopper recaps – we all know the ins and outs of how press trips work. If you’re simply beginning to get in the travel blogging/influencer world, you will be curious what they’re all regarding thus we’re here to administer you the within scoop.

About Travel Press Trips

In the travel influencer world, a press trip isn’t a vacation – it’s a visit wherever an edifice or destination invitations members of the media to push their location and/or complete. Since bloggers and influencers area unit currently thought of media, they need the chance to hitch these invite-only trips once solely out there to ancient travel writers.

Press visits may be either during a cluster setting with a number or maybe solo (also typically named as media visits). they’re typically organized by the general public relations team operating with the shopper (hotel, business board, destination) unless the shopper has associate degree in-house person/team to blame for coordinating these forms of PR and promoting efforts.

Usually, there area unit 2 ways to attend a press trip. you’ll be able to organize your own individual trip or attend a planned cluster trip. On a bunch trip, you may be putting your all into. The itinerary can typically embody activities planned from eight am to ten pm at midnight, seven days per week. The itinerary is organized prior to and covers your meals, accommodations, attractions and transport arrangements.

You may possibly be flown into the destination, then escorted to your edifice and provided your schedule. The face is that everything is taken care of. The drawback is you seldom receive free time and may endure feelings of being herded from place to put, while not abundant chance to prevent and skill.

On a private trip, you always contact the destination, complete or PR agents to line up your own arrangements. this could embody something from flights to meals to activities and accommodations. The up-front work may be long, however, typically, you get to run your own itinerary once on the trip and skill solely the places you’re curious about.

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