Busch Gardens homed many different kinds of wildlife.  All the way from White Rhinos & Giraffes to Toucans & Kangaroos.  Enjoy this photo essay I put together of a small portion of the animals that can be found in this fantastic theme park!


Gazelle grazing on the prairie.


This Rhino kept a wary eye on the train as it passed by.

Silverback Presentation

Apes as found in the Myombe Reserve portion of the park.


Orangutan swinging from one platform to the next.


Giraffe amongst a herd of mammals scattering as the train went by.

Sleeping Lion

Napping lioness enjoying the sunshine.

Busch Gardens Wildlife

These two little prairie dogs were keeping an eye out for danger. 😉


Zebra looking back…have to make sure the lions are sleeping!

Underwater Hippo

Hippo playing with a log under the water next to the Cichlids.


Cheetah prancing from one end of the exhibit to the other.


The Elephant’s were grazing on hay as all of the tourists walked by snapping pictures.

White Bengal

White Bengal Tiger napping next to the water.

North American Alligator

North American Alligator floating in the water.


This beautiful Toucan was found in the Busch Gardens Aviary.

Lion Head

Everyone could use a cat nap!


This Hyena was not laughing…


Here’s the look at the backside of an ostrich.


Saltwater Crocodile sunbathing.


Herd of Wildebeest grazing on the grasslands.


A Kangaroo…He looks tired!

Mob of Kangaroo

Did you know a group of Kangaroos is called a mob?

I hope you enjoyed all of the animals to be seen at Busch Gardens!  What is your favorite theme park…have you ever been to Busch Gardens before?


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