Theme parks…it’s where it’s at.  It doesn’t matter who you are, what age you may be or what mood you’re in.  Everyone can always go for some excitement that can only be found at such an extraordinary place.  

As my family and I jumped onboard the Serengeti Express, we prepared for a relaxing ride around the park as well as a few very fun roller coaster rides.  Enjoy this photo essay I’ve put together while cruising around Busch Gardens!

The Serengeti Express about to depart.

The Cheetah Roller coaster.

Bengal Tiger Shrub decoration.

It’s simply astonishing at how detailed one can get in making these creations with just a few different plants!

Funny characters saluting after the show.

Bengal Tiger wooden carving.

Sign giving directions…isn’t that what signs do?

The Cheetah Hunt Roller Coaster.

Yellow flowers blooming in the sun.

There was a beautiful backdrop everywhere you turned!

More flowers and plants.

Two giraffe shrubs enjoying the day.

Wooden roller coaster rising to the top…

Bird of Paradise & other plants.

The guarding turtle… nobodies eating this grass!

A quaint little duck pond & mini waterfall.

Butterfly shrubbery sunbathing.

The Sheikra Roller Coaster…My family & I are in the front row!

At the end of the day we capped off our little adventure by jumping on The Sheikra…a death defying roller coaster that rises more than 200 feet and drops at a 90 degree angle straight down reaching speeds of up to 70 mph!  

Would you dare go for a ride…what is your favorite theme park to visit?


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