Barbados Caribbean Island Beach Barbados is a sophisticated tropical island with enough culture around to satisfy nearly any adventurous traveler.

What’s not to love?

The turquoise Caribbean waters budding right up to the Port of Bridgetown, secluded beaches and quaint, British communities with past times ranging from mid-afternoon tea sessions up to on-the-fly games of cricket.

But other than this, what are some other things you can enjoy by visiting this pristine tropical paradise that places it apart from said islands such as the Grand Bahamas or Puerto Rico?  

Take a look at my 5 reasons below and I’m convinced you’ll be booking a flight to Barbados in no time!

3 Simple Reasons to Visit Barbados

Budget Friendly to Luxurious Resorts

Barbados Caribbean Island Beach Lounge Chairs

From humbling mom & pop guest houses along Saint Lawrence to elegant resorts near Sandy Lane, the island has somewhere to stay for just about any budget.  

What makes it best is that the majority of them are either beachfront or easily within walking distance.  This, in effect, gives you a plethora of opportunities to shape your vacation the way you want it to be.

Barbados Jungle Hiking

Barbados Caribbean Island Beach Hiking JungleNo matter how many hikes I’ve taken through mountains, canyons, and deserts, I’ve always preferred trekking through dense rainforests.  

Why do you ask?

Simply because of the unique beauty & bountiful amounts of wildlife.

They don’t have to be large either; tours take you through the heart of the jungle putting on a seemingly tutored display of birds, lizards and the occasional monkey searching the jungle floor for insects during their next feast.

Need a different angle to enjoy the beauty of these unique environments?  Then don’t forget to keep an eye out for a variety of gorgeous tropical flowers such as the Hibiscus, Heliconia or even the Pride of Barbados!

Fishing Hotspots in Barbados

Barbados Caribbean Island Fish Net

Fishing options vary widely while visiting the island of Barbados.  There are a few available here: first of all, if you want to take a more commercial route go for the local fishing charters.  They’ll be able to take you, both right off the coast and farther out to sea, to some of the best spots.  

If this isn’t your cup of tea, try either taking your own boat (the option I’m choosing for my Caribbean Sailing trip) or, better yet, hit up a local fisherman.  I’ve done this a couple of times throughout my tour in Costa Rica and Panama so I’m sure it’d work just as fine here.  

Simply bring along a 12-pack of beer (or two) and it in return for a few hours at sea fishing.  You’d be surprised what a man will do for a case of booze in just about any culture! ;-)

Have you ever been on a vacation in Barbados?