The ride back from El Yunque had been pretty chaotic.  Between dodging the cars running every Stop sign and veering away from the flash floods in the road, my friend & I were hanging onto the end of our seats with our cheeks pinched against the fabric.  The entire event was just as crazy as the way the Thai people drive in Bangkok. After driving for 2-3 hours & finally arriving in Old San Juan, I was utterly surprised to see no damage done to the car let alone the seats.  Hell, there wasn’t even a brown streak!

Once we got back to the hostel we had been staying at for the week, Scottie and I made our way outside and down a block to Fort Castillo de San Cristobal.  This fortress protecting the city was built back in 1783 and (now as a National Historic Site) I was just edging to go check it out!

Corner of the Fort meeting with the Sea.

Paying the small $3 entrance fee & snatching a map, we were free to roam around the fort for the last opening hour of the day.   It was nice to see that we virtually had the entire place to ourselves.  Very few tourists had roamed into the area leaving us free to explore the vicinity without smelling the excess amount of sun tan lotion or listening to the undiciplined children screaming at the top of their lungs which often occampanied such people.

Ahh…the perks of travelling in the off season!

As we delicately fought our way through the wind tunnel, we found ourselves arriving to the upper levels of the fort where the fresh ocean breeze continued to blow comfortably in our face.

Here’s a look of the Fort hugging the coast.

Climbing up the side and making my way over to the ledge of the wall, I began taking in the phenomenal view down the coast!  I could only imagine what it must have been like back in the early 1700’s to have lived here in this very spot, guarding the city.

Look out tower with City View.

To have lived in the largest fort ever built by the Spanish in the New World.  To look at and admire the 18th century millitary architecture while it shadowed over the sea.  To have been there for the first Spanish shot of the Spanish-American War…oh what it would have been like!

Lower bunker view of the Fort & San Juan.

Leaving the thoughts of my mind in the back of my head and coming back to the awesome realization of actually being there, Scottie and I continued examining all the different views from atop.

Looking in between the crenulations of the fort.

Rustic Canonballs used to protect the fort.

Here’s a great view at the inside.

Between the the different historical monuments, massive canon balls and intriguing bunkers we really enjoyed our short time exploring.  I would have to say my favorite about it all was just being there!

The fort market where they would exchange food, clothing, etc.

Rushing around to take a look at every last nook and cranny that we could find in our short time there, the security guard made an announcement over the intercom that the place was closing down. 

With this in mind, we went around to take a few more pictures, struck a few poses and made our way down to the exit.

The three flags flying high & proud!

Scottie overlook San Juan from the ledge of the Fort.

The sunset cast a plethora of colors over Puerto Rico.

Here’s a small beach in the evening hours parallel to Castillo San Cristobal.

Exiting the fort and walking down towards the beach, the evening sunset really did a number to the actual colors of the place.  What had previously been an eroding limestone-like color was now a beautiful ruby-red.  Just gorgeous!

Have you ever been to a Spanish-American fort like this one?