Cave Structure 6Caves have always been fascinating to me.  

Between all of the unique formations along with the adventure of exploring them and potentially getting lost…it’s just sick!  

When I was traveling across the East Coast of the United States, my buddy Will and I had taken a little road trip from the State of Pennsylvania down to Florida.  

What can I say…I like road trips!

Along the way we made quite a few stops including the delicious Hershey’s Chocolate World along with our capital Washington D.C.  As we were driving down the interstate, one place that Will recommended we swing through was Virginia’s Skyline Caverns (a place he grew up visiting as a child).  Although I’d never heard of the place, we decided it was a must see spot so we swung on by!  

Take a look through the photo essay below at the spectacular structures that these caves naturally formed…it’s just phenomenal!

Caving in the Skyline Caverns…

Cave Structure 1

It’s simply amazing at what Masterpiece nature can create.

Cave Structure 2

Cave Structure 3

The shape of the cave was formed by rushing water thousands of years ago.

Cave Structure 4

Cave Structure 5

The light showed displayed was breathtaking!

Cave Structure 7

Cave Structure 8

Can you see a turtle in disguise?

Cave Structure 9

Although the entrance was small, the cave itself grew immensely!

Cave Structure 10

Cave Structure 11

A look at the formations w/o the colorful lights.

Cave Structure 12

Can you tell what this looks like?

Cave Structure 13

Believe it or not, the bottom part is a reflection!

Cave Structure 14

Cave Structure 15

A Mirror Image of itself.

Formations Sign

These formations are protected by the State!

Cave Structure 16

Netting helped prevent further damage to the crystals.

Cave Structure 18

A bit blurry, but this is the start stage before fully “mature”.

Cave Structure 18

A look at the crystals in full form…magnificent!

By the end of the entire tour, we had been in the cave for a healthy 45 minutes or so.  Our guide, a spunky young kid with lots of energy showed us all of the different formations and proceeded to tell us exactly how all of it occurred.  If you ever get the chance to visit Virginia, be sure to swing by this gnarly little cave!

Have you ever explored an underground cave system like this?  How was it?  Did you find it as cool as the Skyline Caverns?