There were a lot of seagulls sitting at the dock just waiting for an easy meal.

Enjoy this beautiful view from one of the many fishing docks that overlooks the Gulf of Mexico here in Cedar Key, Florida.  When I go home, my family and I frequently take small road trips to get out of town for a while.  This time around, we enjoyed a full day of fishing just 100 feet from this dock.  

Although we didn’t catch much that particular day, we made up for it by catching a good sun tan with a buzz!  If you’re looking for a small, relatively untouched fishing town in Florida, Cedar Key is a great place to go…especially if you like to stay out of those “tourist hot spots” as much as I do!  And while you’re there, you may even enjoy a pint & nice cigar over at the Black Dog Bar & Tables. 😉

Have you ever been to Cedar Key, Florida before?