Something about me has changed today…I don’t know what…but somehow I’m different.

These past two days have changed me like I’ve never noticed before.  I feel more me than I used to just 3 days ago.  There’s something about this place that allows you to break free from the reality or should I say unrealistic ways of everyday life.  I feel more open to be myself.  Not to be what I want but to be who I am.

Why Would You Care, To Get Out of This Place?

Has the world around me evolved into something different?  Is this change something that has happened all around me all of my life only for me to finally realize it now?  I don’t think so.  In fact, everything looks the same.  It smells the same.  Feels the same.  Sounds the same.  Everything is in fact the same.  

The only thing that has changed, I believe, is me.  I’ve been dwelling on the past for so long…holding onto those unrealistic attachments that I’ve been needing to let go of for so long and FINALLY I have opened my eyes and embraced what I needed to embrace.

This new change in the way I see life is nice.

I feel as if this is where I am supposed to be…right here in this moment, in this very place; everything is just…right.  The hammock that I awoke in, the flies buzzing around me, the breeze as the only form of air conditioning coming from the beach that create the soothing sounds of the waves…it was right.  Just…right.  

My heart has opened up to love everything & everyone.  And not in the “new world” way of thinking either.  I’m talking about true love…one love.  The love of life, the love of you, the love of me…the love of everything.  I don’t know how to explain it in any way other than this…it’s one of those things that are just inexplainable.  You can only feel it.  

Pura vida my friends…here’s to a new life & to the love of it that has finally allowed me to open my eyes.



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