This is one of those places to just relax.  You know, unwind, throw up a hammock and listen to the waves roll by as the local fisherman is throwing his line off the deck.  Life here seemed a little more laid back than most places in Florida and that’s what made Cedar Key, Cedar Key.

No one’s in a rush to be anywhere because they are exactly where they’re supposed to be and they’re fine with that.  Take a look at some of the photos I took during my last trip to this small little fisherman’s town & enjoy a little piece of paradise. 🙂

Buildings on Water

Lunch available on the deck at the Cedar Keyside Diner.


Buildings 2

A look at the buildings from the dock.


Pelican Friends

Two pelicans perched at sea.



Whenever I think of the beach, this guy comes to mind!


Down the Boardwalk

Bait Bucket & Beer.  Shops along the sidewalk.



Fish that was caught off the decks.

Fishing Docks

The fishing docks were free to walk out on &  surrounded with birds!


Sailboat bobbing in the water just off the main dock.



Glancing to sea were a few small islands.


Bird Bath

Birds enjoying a Mermaid bird bath.


Seabird Gazing

The sun retreating over the horizon left a beautiful blue in the sky.


Island Fever

Everyone’s got a little Island Fever! 😉

What do you think of Cedar Key, Florida?  Would you pay a visit to chillax for the day?


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