The end to a beautiful weekend at Busch Gardens & Howl-O-Scream with my family was the beginning of a frigid day at the beach…Clearwater Beach to be exact.  None the less, we made the best of it walking around, dodging the cold winds by jumping in and out of the shops and also checking out this unique Chalk Festival that was just ending as the sun was receding behind the clouds.  

Take a look at the different masterpieces of chalk paintings in this dandy photo essay I’ve prepared for you!  It’s amazing how the little scribbles we’ve made as a child on the sidewalk or on the road in front of the house could turn into something so beautiful.

The first painting I saw was of the Girl Scout Alumni 100 Year Anniversary Celebration.

This touching painting was called “The Family”.

Let’s go snorkeling!! 😀

Here’s your friendly Welcome to Clearwater!

An 8 Octopus made his way from the ocean to the sidewalk…

Who’s says mermaids can’t come to life?

I love the details in this intricate looking piece.

This was personally my favorite: a Hawaiian Hibiscus & Plumeria flower…look at all the gorgeous colors!

The King of the Sea.

This one left me a little stumped for words…have a caption in mind?

Dog Gone Crazy drawing on the sidewalk!

Another favorite of mine, two crabs & a pumpkin under the sea.

Time to go fishing!

Is it me or do these gators look hungry for a swimmer to come through…

A friendly Companion to help you collect some pumpkins!

Awarded the Grand Prize for it’s attention to detail and stunning authenticity!

What did you think about the entries to the Clearwater Beach Chalk Festival?  Which was your favorite?  Which did you hate?  Let me know by leaving your comments below then tell me about the most kid-like festival you’ve been to!


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