Isn’t it stunning how much of an impact technology has on people in their everyday lives?  I mean think about it.  Everywhere you go people are constantly on their tablets, iPads, iPhones, laptops or other computers.

When you see families go out to eat, instead of spending the time together you see kids hunched over the table looking at their phones for that next text.  When you go to the bar, you always have that group of friends who are constantly updating their Facebook statuses.

Connected to technology while traveling

St. Augustine Beach

Disconnect yourself every once in a while.

Hell, even when I walk into the hostels in some foreign country all the backpackers will be mingling but not without checking their phones in the palm of their hands just in case some long lost family member or friend contacted them from back home.  Don’t you think it’s a little overkill?

I mean sure I get it, you want to keep in touch with your friends from back home but that doesn’t mean that you should be online all the time.  People (in my eyes) are forgetting to disconnect from it all every once in a while.

Even myself, as I am CONSTANTLY on my computer doing blog work, tend to forget that there is another world out there waiting to be discovered beyond that of a mesmerizing computer screen.

The way I see it: Take your phone, power it off and put it away for 24 hours…heck even 12 hours! Just disconnect yourself for a short frame of time and see how you feel.

Do notions of feeling lost, untouchable and separated from the rest of the world surround you?  Then good!  That’s called traveling.  You need to disconnect yourself from the online world in order to reconnect with the everyday world.  You should feel more comfortable away from the internet than on the internet.

Don’t get me wrong, modern technology has made an amazing impact on the travel industry.  It’s made it much easier to get around as well but I still think that we rely on it a little too much.  Instead of using technology as an aid for our travels, we become reliant on it especially with apps such as Google maps, flight apps and social networking tools like Facebook & Twitter.

But don’t you worry, I’m included in this little rant too.  Running a travel blog takes both time & works so, as expected, I spend much of my days sitting in front of the computer hacking away at the keyboard.  Actually, I would have to say that I set aside 2-3 days a week inside my hostel just to do that (in addition to the everyday blogging tasks that come with it).

But the difference is this: it’s my job.  I do this for a living so instead of having my “9-5” job in an office, I have to set that time aside while I’m on the road.  Additionally, I own up to the fact that I’m always on the computer.  I’m definitely not in denial.

Yet when I finally do step away and enjoy the traveling part of my career, I try my best to disconnect myself from the online world so that I can truly live in the moment.  The bottom line is that we all need to learn to disconnect.

To manage our time spent online with that spent during everyday life.  Learn how to power down your iPhone so that you can really enjoy yourself and those around you.  To truly live in the moment and not miss anything about it because, in the end, that is what life is all about.  Carpe diem.

What are your thoughts about modern technology and its impact on life and how we travel?