The first night in a different country is quite an appalling…especially for those who have never experience stepping foot there before.  While you’re walking along the “sidewalk” there is constantly a battle with that funky smell to keep your last meal down all the while dodging sketchy motorbikes that you swear are out to get you.

No paved roads here…just gravel & pot holes while driving with the lunatics in Costa Rica!

As soon as we arrived at the Juan Santamaria International Airport we didn’t expect at all of which we had encountered.  Alex, Trevor & I had set out on an excursion to discover the hearts secrets of Costa Rica and, although all of our original plans had fallen through, we had quickly learned that the best way to survive was to adapt and just go along with the flow.

¡Pura Vida!

With this frame of mind firmly established in our thick skulls, 15 minutes later Alex came up with some random woman that we had never met before and we decided to join her in one of the sketchiest taxi rides I had ever been on in my life.  As we bobbed and weaved in and out of traffic at 9:30pm, we were accompanied with dimly lit headlights that had done absolutely nothing to increase our visibility.  I could only assume our taxi driver had night vision eyes.

With no seat belts, no headlights and my hand firmly attached to the rattling dashboard, I could only hope to not end up on the side of the ditch as the semi’s were swerving into our unmarked lane and the motorbikes passed us at double the speed only 3-4 inches away form the cab door.  What a great way to start off our trip…but that’s what we were looking for, adventure right…?

Pulling up to the hostel, I stepped out and realized we were dropped off in the middle of the guetto.  Only this ghetto was twice as “ghettofied” as back home with trash all over the place and a constant aroma of overran sewage.  

As the front desk person guided us into our presidential suite, we began to inquire about the night life in this town and half an hour later we were back into the super sketchy taxi weaving in and out of traffic, running not 5 but 6 or 7 red lights, nearly nicking a few locals literally dodging out of the way along the way and coming within 3 inches of side swiping a police car as we ran a stop sign.  

Grateful to have made it alive to the night club, there a numerous amount of locals outside so we stepped out and made our way to the front door as the red little car sped off into the unknown secrets of San Jose.

Uno Cerveza Por Favor! 

Warily stepping up to the security guard, I paid 1,000 Colones and was patted down before entering.  Getting our first round of beers, Alex, Trevor & I salut and began a full night of salsa dancing!  The club was absolutely insane and the chicks even more so.  I must say that the girls here are much more fun than back home.  Towards the end, after dancing and drinking the night a way, a small peck on the lips may have been exchanged among “other things” then we got out of dodge to prepare for the rest of our trip… 😉 .


Don’t worry, I’ve got pics on the way!  Have any questions, drop me a line below in the comment section and be sure to follow Active Planet Travels on Facebook & Twitter!  Pura Vida mi amigos!