Coconuts…you can get them at the local market, purchase them in the form of coconut water or can find the “meat” of them in a variety of different dishes but have you ever experienced a coconut fresh from the tree the day of harvesting?  

It’s delicious…believe me and I was craving some BIG TIME!  

The weather had been perfect during our entire stay in Montezuma…sunny all day hovering around 85° Fahrenheit with wicked looking swells that pounded just a little too hard for my taste but nonetheless made a great back drop.  Our hunt for the perfect coconut began as we walked north along the Gulf of Nicoya scanning the beach for some that may have fallen from the trees.

Here is Alex & Trevor giving it a go…caveman style!

Finding a variety of old coconuts here and there, Alex & Trevor gave a go at trying to open a few but the juice inside just didn’t taste quite right…it wasn’t as sweet as I had remembered and so we continued our search for a greener variety.  Getting excited at finding a few, I was always let down because someone had gotten to them first.  It really reminded me of my fresh fruit finding attempt up in New York City…you’ll never find truly fresh fruit in those markets of Chinatown!

As it turned out, there were actually quite a few green ones up and down the beach but all of them had already been cracked open by a more fortunate person.  Finally coming across one that seemed to have been perfect and untouched, I yelled for the guys to come over as I began the process of opening the beast.

I personally prefer the green coconuts…the juice is SO sweet & fresh!

Holding it in the same manner as if I was holding a football with both hands, I found a sharp pointy rock and began repeatedly slamming the ends until the rough outer coating loosened up.  After about a minute or two of pounding, I began peeling the outer shell when surprisingly some of the juice started to come out.  I guess I had pounded a little too hard… 😉  

Holding the coconut above my head, I allowed gravity to do the rest of the work as I enjoyed the refreshing juices poor into my mouth!  SO GOOD!!  Passing the coconut to Trevor & Alex, they too enjoyed the supple taste of fresh coconut juice and when it had finally ran out, we finished opening it to sample the little bit of meat that was inside.

My branch of coconuts that we luckily found lying on the beach!

Not quite satisfied with just one, our hunt continued on until Alex had found not 1…but 6 more ripe coconuts all attached to a limb that must have fallen while we were walking down the beach!  

Obviously content with our spoils, we cracked open and drank one more before beginning our long walk back to the hostel where Antonio showed us how to properly open one up in less than 20 seconds…check it out!

Here’s Antonio (one of the locals) showing us how to open the coconut the proper way!

Now that’s the way it’s done!  You think any of us can do it in less than 20 seconds?…

I’m giving it a go…and how was I slower with a machete than a rock…?

After hacking away for about 6 minutes, I finally reached the center of her and got it opened up.  Yes I still have all my fingers but boy was it a beast!  😉  Antonio makes it look so easy but then again how tough does it got to be to learn these things growing up right off the coast of Nicoya in such a laid back town?

Just enjoying the spoils of war!  Muy bieno!!

After a full days hunt we were finally able to enjoy our fills worth of coconut juice and boy did we!  Drinking a total of about 3 coconuts each (including what we got on the beach while walking), we were very content and spent the rest of the day cleaning up, swimming in the ocean & napping in the hammocks around the hostel.  There’s nothing quite like traveling in Costa Rica!

¡Pura Vida mi amigos!  Life is good! 😀

My Question for You: What’s the freshest fruit you’ve ever tried?