Daytona Beach Florida Pier.As a year-round summer vacation spot that’s family-friendly, there are a lot of things to do in Daytona Beach.

Between the breaking ocean waves making for great surfing, the sunshine offering great sunbathing, and uber convenient car-friendly beaches, you’ll only wonder why you haven’t traveled here.  

Packed full of loads of history surrounding NASCAR, you could easily spend a week exploring this hidden treasure.  Go on an adventure walking the streets of downtown (like I did in San Francisco) or spend some time relaxing on the beaches (similar to what you would do in Clearwater Beach).  

Maybe you’ll want to enjoy the beach-side boardwalk where you can browse through nifty shops, have a beer, and play video games at the arcade that is similar to that of the HarborWalk Village in Destin.

All in all, you’re definitely going to have a good time.  Watch this video I put together and check out what I’ve explored during my short but, amazing time along the beaches of Daytona! 

Things to do in Daytona Beach, Florida.

What are your favorite things to do in Daytona Beach, Florida on vacation?