Giant GuardsIt was shocking to see how much detail was put into the entrails of not only the Emerald Buddha, but the Royal Monastery as a whole.

When you first walk up to the white walls containing the Royal Palace, you’re given no hints of such detailed work but only a tease of the Royal Monastery temples towering high into the sky.

Once you pass through the main gates, hundreds of years of artwork is immediately grabbing your attention as you are greeted with a giant mural 1,900 meters long wrapping around the entire palace.

It is here the story and culture is shown as it was in the ancient scripture; quite opposite of what you would find in the streets of Thailand.

After reading the story you pass through the giant guards and walk through the maze of breathtaking architecture.  You are eventually greeted by Wat Phra Kaew (the Temple of the Emerald Buddha).  It is by far one of the most impressive things I have ever seen in my life.

Enjoy today’s photo essay as I walk you through this amazing piece of history in Thai culture.

The Royal Monastery’s Emerald Buddha

I’m sure you’ll be nothing short of amazed at the sheer beauty that shines through the years of hard work, dedication & perseverance it took to put the place together.

Wall Paint


One of the many stories painted on the walls.


Monkey Statue


Monkey Statues in the Garden.




Lotus flower in the water.


Protected Monkeys


Large monkeys protecting the temples.




Buddha statue next to a temple.




Glorious guards were outside every entrance.


Golden Monkeys


Protective statues went around the circumference of the main temple.


Temple Guard




Temple Door


The Doors marking the entrance.


The Emerald Buddha


The Emerald Buddha in Summer Atire.


When we finally discovered the home of the Emerald Buddha, we took off our shoes in respect and walked up to the walls of the massive temple.  The walls were plastered with millions of pieces of shiny glass bottles along with various statues of Gods protecting the temple itself, very similar in style to other temples found throughout Thailand.

Up the stairs and inside was a massive mound of gold treasure about 30-40 feet high.  Perched high above it all was the Emerald Buddha.  It was nothing short of an impressive display; something found fit for a king!

Have you ever been to the Royal Monastery in Thailand?