Nuuanu Rainforest Road Maui HawaiiMy trip backpacking around the world begins over the next year.  I will be preparing for the biggest journey of my life and the best part is that I will be able to take you along with me vicariously!

In short, I will be preparing and doing the research for my departure while showing you the who, what, when, where, and why’s of my backpacking trip around the world.

I plan on staying in hostels, camping on the beach, and couch surfing along the way and using my modern day gadgets to keep up with updates on my website.

In a sense, this creates a sense of security as it puts my mind at ease knowing that someone knows where I am at all times, not to mention that I can operate my very own professional travel blogging business online so that I have no worries of losing every last penny I’ve saved for this rigorous journey ahead of me!

Backpacking Around the World

Traveling for a little over 3 years now, my biggest goal is to hit all 7 continents over the next couple of years, living solely off of online revenue and odd jobs along the way.

Among the many different places I plan to visit, I will make my way down towards Mexico and into South America visiting many cultural sites along the way such as the Mayan Temples, Angels Falls and the Amazon Rainforest just outside of Machu Picchu in Peru.

After visiting these areas (in no particular order), I will make my way south towards Chile & Argentina, hopefully hitting the world famous Falkland Islands to view all the marine and wildlife migrating there during the right season.  Once I get this far, I will make my way across the Atlantic Ocean towards Africa where diving with the Great White Shark is a must!

My Trip Backpacking Around the World

After (hopefully) surviving my encounter, my mind will be set at Europe where I will spend some time passing through countries such as Algeria, Morocco, and learning how to do the salsa in Spain.  Dancing my way through France, I will find myself trekking across countries such as Germany, Italy, Greece, and Rome while making my way further west across Turkey, Iran, and quite possibly even Pakistan to visit the many temples of India like the beautiful Taj Mahal.

After visiting the dreamy Taj Mahal, my head will be set northeast towards the Great Wall of China where I can learn more of the chinese culture and way of life, hopefully learning some Chinese along the way.  Veering towards the last few months of my world voyage, I will finish off my final stretch backpacking through Southeast Asia, eventually going down under into the outback of Australia!

My Trip Backpacking Around the World

After spending some time in Australia, who knows where I’ll be off to.

The Caribbean Islands, Canada, South America…who knows!  It doesn’t really matter to me on how I get there or what I do once I do finally arrive.  All I know is that living in the moment and saying forget the “American Dream” and living my life to the fullest is where it ought to be!

There’s no question that this will be a journey for the ages, but I am committed to living my dream of becoming a world traveler!

If given the chance, would you start a trip backpacking around the world?