Tour the Authentic Drugstore in St. Augustine, FloridaStill hanging around in the 21st century for nearly 300 years, the Authentic Old Drug Store in St. Augustine, Florida takes you back to the days when Spanish settlements thrived and there was still an ounce of chivalry in todays society.

Walking out of the intense Florida sunshine and through a cool & crisp set of wooden doors, I stepped onto the antique wooden floors and was immediately awed by the authenticity of this place.  

Come with me as I step back in time and tour one of the oldest, established buildings in St. Augustine, Florida.  It’s no wonder this place is a must see stop for the local ghost tours.

My tour through the Authentic Old Drugstore…

To my right lining the entirety of the wall was an impressive selection of clear, green, black, and brown antique bottles made out of glass dating back as far as when the Spanish first set foot on North American soil.

Tour the Authentic Drugstore in St. Augustine, Florida

To my left a mirror ran against the back wall and was parallel to the white granite counter with other antique ornaments and equipment such as two antique cash registers and a large, enclosed woven basket placed directly in front and in the middle of it all.  Giving a luminous glow to the entire museum were the antique bulb like lights that were placed precariously around the room hanging from the ceiling from what seemed like either metal or brass chains.

Tour the Authentic Drugstore in St. Augustine, Florida

Stepping further into the museum, I walked through a short dimly lit hallway where if I took a right it would have led me into a cute little diner where you could purchase soft drinks and sandwiches or I could have browsed over the products at the gift shop.  However, I was more intrigued by the unique remedies store which was located straight ahead.  They had a great assortment of herbs and other health products.  

As soon as you walked through the hallway, a smiling associate met you and asked if you needed any assistance.  Kindly dismissing my new found acquaintance, I looked over the vast variety of herbs and after a while asked the associate about the buildings history.  Handing me a free pamphlet, I read over the information and this is what I learned:

A History Lesson of the St. Augustine Drugstore:

A true contrast from our modern technology, step into the Ancient Old Drug store and you will find yourself immersed in the early 1700’s, back when it was built by Antonio Gomaas and conceived as a place of revelry.  Selling such products as tobacco, liquor, medicine, ancient Indian remedies, and a variety of their own medical concoctions, the Old Drug Store was located just inside the cities jurisdiction to ensure its protection but yet far enough to actually stay away from the Spanish settlement itself.

Tossed back and forth between owners over the years, the Old Drug Store was bought in the late 1880’s by the Harris Foundation and is owned still to this day by the same people.  Going through a variety of renovations over the years, this unique piece of American History has never lost it’s appeal and is now an absolutely fascinating museum and is free of charge to the public to enter, take pictures, chat merrily, and enjoy.

Tour the Authentic Drugstore in St. Augustine, Florida

Located just inside the Authentic Old Drug Store, you will not only find a bit of crackling history but also a unique little shop called “Old City Remedies“.  Inside here you’ll find exactly what the name entails – remedies from a great variety of herbs such as chamomile, chickweed, feverfew, and goji berries just to name a few.  They also carry an assortment of other full health products such as African Black Soap, cosmetic oils, assorted teas, energy supplements,  and Dead Sea bath salts.

Talking to the associates behind the counter, I found the people who worked there to be quite jolly and were more than helpful in selecting and creating my own unique tea remedy to cure a slight cold I had.  The effect has been quite astonishing and worked almost instantly after consuming!  

After walking through the store for a little while longer, I felt I had gotten my fill and decided it was time to move on from this brief tour in history.  I truly enjoyed this little place.  Although small, it was packed full of a great variety of herbs, herbal remedies, and medicinal teas that would bring a smile to anyone interested in these sort of things.

Have you ever been to St. Augustine, Florida?