Naples, Florida, Beach, Gulf of Mexico, Sea Turtle, Caution, Sea, Beach, EvergladesOne of best solo trips to be made while visiting the Paradise Coast of Florida is inside the Big Cypress Preserve of Everglades National Park.

Looking at a map of Florida, the Everglades takes up 1/3 of the Southern Florida Peninsula and provides shelter for a variety of species including alligators, crocodiles, manatees, gray fox, river otters, the elusive Florida panther, and much more.

It’s no wonder why travelers from all over the world travel here to capture some of the best photography in the region.  This is a location where both wildlife and landscape photography are prime for reliving your visit and sharing the memories amongst all of your friends.

Come with me as I walk you through the Florida Everglades on a random, yet adventurous road trip that I just couldn’t pass up during my trip to Naples, Marco Island, and other areas of the Paradise Coast in Florida!

Everglades National Park, Florida – Big Cypress Preserve

When I first arrived to the Paradise Coast of Florida, I spent much of my time exploring the cities such as Naples and Marco Island.  However, after taking a pretty radical tour jet skiing through mangroves trees along the Gulf Intercostal Waterway, I quickly realized that I needed to explore more of the natural habitat that surrounded South Florida.  

That’s when I loaded up the car with my photography gear and began driving Southwest towards the Big Cypress National Preserve.

Naples, Florida, Everglades, Cypress, Swamp, Bird

Protecting well over 729,000 acres of natural swamp habitat, the drive through was quite the site to behold.

For miles in each direction, no matter where you looked, there was always wildlife to be found speckled with the very distinct cypress tree protruding out of the water.  Alligators could be spotted everywhere from swimming through the water to sunbathing on patches of land.

Alligator, Naples, Florida, Everglades, Cypress, Swamp

As a gateway for fresh water to get introduced to the sea, a variety of different insects and fish live in these brackish waters giving wildlife such as small birds, who hopped from lily pad to lily pad hunting down it’s next meal, quite the buffet to choose from.

Naples, Florida, Everglades, Cypress, Swamp, Water Bird

Great Blue Heron, Naples, Florida, Everglades, Cypress, Swamp

As I continued my drive, stopping off the side of the road here and there to get a good shot in with my camera, I passed by the Big Cypress Welcome Center and continued the drive towards the middle of the preserve.

Eventually, I came upon a dirt road and decided to take a sharp left to explore what I hoped to be somewhere a little more off the beat path so that I could discover areas that would provide great photographic experiences.

Baby Alligator, Naples, Florida, Everglades, Cypress, SwampCajun Encounters New Orleans Swamp Tour Louisiana Cypress Tree Stump

Luck paid off as, since there was quite the drop in traffic, these areas were even more remote than on the main highway.  It’s no wonder why the backcountry is one of the most overlooked attractions in Florida, you really have to look for a way to find it.

All in all, if you’re looking for a good adventure that is budget friendly and a photographers paradise, you must explore the Big Cypress National Preserve.  This remote region of the Everglades is rich with tropical and temperate plant communities, diversified wildlife, and is an adventure that you will not soon forget!

Have you ever been to the Everglades National Park before?