I’m getting pretty excited about my trip coming up to Southeast Asia.  I’ve been researching all the different places to go, sites to see, cuisine to try…there’s just so much to see and do!  However, one thing that has been coming to mind here recently is perhaps a trip up the mighty Yangtze River.

Picture it…you’re cruising along the Yangtze River (one of the largest rivers in the world) treating yourself to some fresh reganmian from a local village and feeling the sun soak into your skin.  As you ingest this delicious sample of the local cuisine, you enjoy the unrivaled scenery as you cruise by lounging and sipping on one of Chongqing local beers.

It’s picture perfect…but is it for me?  I’m not one to take many cruises and although I’ve worked on a cruise ship for a little over a year out in Hawaii, I still feel that the best route for me is to just fly into a destination and immerse myself fully into their culture…but perhaps I’m being a little too closed minded.

The Lesser Three Gorges

Cruising through the Lesser Three Gorges.

But after being contacted by a local company that arranges cruises for the river, I decided to dig a little deeper and look at exactly what they had to offer…after all, life is about doing the unexpected right..?

While digging into the facts, I found a couple of very interesting things.  For one, the Yangtze River wasn’t that far North of Thailand…in fact a trip up to this area, although unexpected could be pretty wild.  I mean, there are tons of things to see and do plus I had already thought about cruising through Laos & Nepal being that I was in the area…so why not just a tad bit further North?


The Yangtze River from a different area.

This would give me the opportunity to explore the Yunnan Province & even go rafting up towards the more discreet places that are difficult to travel to in order to get closer to the Yangtze and some of the tributaries…allowing myself a truly unique experience from any other.  

Although a cruise is not number one on my list, this may also be one of the few ways to get to know the locals because it can offer me access like no other along this 4,000 mile stretch of river.  There are countless possibilities to visit all of the historical and cultural sites…something I just can’t let down!

So what’s the bottom line?  After doing some thorough research of the company, I can highly recommend booking a cruise through Yangtze River.  They offer everything ranging from 5 Star Luxury Cruises to a simple ferry ride upriver.  When I fly to Thailand and make my way up to Nepal this coming Spring, you’ll be sure that I’m going to consider traveling through them to get to more of those hard to reach locations, especially when I jump into China! 😉


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