Pier 39San Francisco is one very unique town and, after visiting the 118-degree weather of Arizona, it’s, in my opinion, the perfect paradise to escape to. The rolling hills butting right up to the Pacific Ocean, the open aired trolley’s going down the street along with the unrivaled hospitality & friendliness the West Coast is known for, San Francisco brings its visitor into an awestruck and jolly state of mind.

But what do you do as a first time visitor in San Francisco and don’t have but 1-2 days to get on all the sites?  Do what my friend Kenny & I did: rent a small yellow 3 wheeled go-cart that oddly reminded me of a bumblebee and start buzzing around the city on a

Do what my friend Kenny & I did: rent a small yellow 3 wheeled go-cart that oddly reminded me of a bumblebee and start buzzing around the city on a GPS Self-Guided GoCar Tour!  Sounds kind of gimmicky right?  Well, that’s what I thought until I got into the little guy…after that, it was all she wrote.

At first glimpse, planning a holiday to any city would be very easy if these guys were there.  The GoCar experience allows you to effortlessly explore the major sites without the hassle of finding parking, looking through maps or learning about the history as the automated GPS guided tour does all of this for you!  Now join along as we jump in & drive off to see San Francisco.

Go Cart Tours in San Francisco

Bay Bridge

The Bay Bridge from the Pier.

After taking our 5-minute safety class, buckling on our shiny black helmets and hitting the road, Kenny and I began our trip by driving towards the Bay Bridge.  It was pretty relieving not having to search for directions or major landmarks.  Our personal GPS-automated guide effortlessly gave us not only directions on where to go, but also the brief history of each spot too!

Kenny & I

Exploring San Francisco in a Go Car.

Driving past the variety of Piers and enjoying the sun as much as the friendly joggers & bikers to our right, we made our way down to the Golden Gate Bridge beach.  Children, dogs, and families were running around and swimming everywhere.  It was very interesting looking out towards the bridge.  Cargo tanks, sail boats and even kite surfers were scattered everywhere in the bay.

Golden Gate Beach Park

The Golden Gate Bridge from the Beach.

It was moderately windy which made for the perfect beach day.  Keeping the warm stagnant air out of concept and leaving the beach goers with a cool breeze, steadily rolling waves and a perfectly blue sky I doubt anyone hadn’t enjoyed themselves.

After gracefully killing half an hour walking up and down the beach, we jumped into our little yellow GoCar and took a short detour to Fort Point.

Fort Point

Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Point.

Nestled on the South Bay side of the bridge, we parked the bumblebee like GoCar and immersed ourselves in the history of the early 1860’s.  Having a unique vantage point overlooking the Gold Gate, Fort Point protected the city from both confederate and foreign attacks during the U.S. Civil War.  The maze-like structure was purely fascinating but being a little crunched on time, we exited and drove towards Union Square where our original starting point had been.

The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium from across the pond.

While on the road, we passed through some pretty fascinating places.  My favorites were driving up the shady road of Lincoln Blvd leading up to the San Francisco National Cemetery, the Exploratorium and of course Lombard Street.

GoCar down Lombard Street

Fellow GoCar Drivers Going down Lombard Street.

All in all, the entire trip was very fascinating.  Kenny and I both agree that if you have only a short period of time to visit all the main sites of San Francisco, taking the GoCar tour is a cheap alternative to hiring a personal tour guide to take you around the city.

After we returned the car back to the rental shop, we made our way over to the trolley where I got the unique (and expensive) view of old San Francisco and finished off by getting some fresh seafood at the Fisherman’s Wharf.  Needless to say, this city is full of wonderful little surprises!

Have you ever driven around with those little yellow go cart tours in San Francisco?