France is quite famous for many worldwide known sites.  You have the infamous Eiffel Tower, the marvel of Mont St. Michel as well as the medieval fortress of Carcassonne.  All of these sites rival the architectural wonders of places like the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco or even Wat Rong Khun in Thailand.  But what if you’re wanting to get away from those big tourist traps and visit a lesser known France that not many people are aware of?

“Nothing weighs more than a secret.”

-La Fonataine

Hopelessly impossible you say?  Well think again.  After researching a variety of different locations, I found a few adventures that were still somewhat unpopular, well within range of discovering and even have that same lovely French hospitality.


Wine Tasting in a Vineyard –

If your pocket is feeling a bit on the heavy side & you have a love for wine, why not check out some of the wine country?  France is infamous for it’s wine and, if you really want to get to know the founding culture of this marvelous country, visiting a vineyard is the way to go.  

Since France has many different regions for a variety of different wines, be careful when planning though so that you can sample your favorite wine in whichever region it happens to be harvested from.

Hiking along the East Coast –

Take a road trip & get away from Paris by visiting the amazing coastline of East France.  Picture it, you can be taking in one of the most scenic places in the country and also get some fresh air with a beautiful hike.  

Along the way, feel free to stop by and explore many of the small towns that you’ll be passing through.  Everyone is so set in stone on visiting the Eiffel Tower but if you’re adventurous, go out and see the locals side of this beautiful destination.


Winter Skiing in Chatel, France –

Europe is a popular destination for many tourists but what few people know is how radical the ski slopes actually are.  Are you looking to have the time of your life shredding down the mountain but want to avoid the crowds on a ski vacation?  

Then check out the slopes in Chatel.  This little village hovers along the border of France & Switzerland yet is home to some of the best slopes in France.  It’s said that, just like the slopes in Aspen, Colorado, you can go an entire vacation without touching the same run twice.

Explore the “Ice Age” –

Step back & get to know some of the worlds first painters.  Located in the Chauvet Cave, ancient paintings from over 30,000 years ago of at least 13 different species are displayed on the cave walls.  Although entrance is not permitted for the general public, an exact replica is due to open in 2014 for your viewing pleasure.

Throw a dart on a Map –

France is splattered with many amazing small towns that rarely get visitors.  Why not go out and explore a little?  It’s a common misconception that the French are stuck up.  

In reality, they are extremely nice people, hospitable and would love to have someone traveling through pass by and tell their tales.  Additionally meeting the locals on their own turf, you’ll get great recommendations on where to explore next without spending your very last dime! 😉

There you have it, five off the beaten path adventures to take you into the true backcountry of France without burning your wallet.  So get out there, plan your vacation & have a grand ole’ time!

Have you ever taken a vacation to France?