The view out to sea during the wee hours of the morning is always stunning and only the fact that I could be riding on the back of camel over a dormant volcano…now that’s what would have gotten me. Visiting Lanzarote would offer you one of those truly unique experiences.  

Active Volcanoe

Unlike the active volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii, Lanzarote seemed a bit more tranquil.

I mean how often can you find yourself lying on the sunny beach in the morning, be riding on the back of a camel over a dormant volcano in the afternoon just to be having dinner inside one of the many caves of that very same volcano?  Interesting right!

From what I’ve gathered, Lanzarote (located at the Northeast end of the chain of Canary Islands) is a fantastic place for both couples and families alike.  It’s definitely not the same as visiting an exotic destination such as Turkey or the Dominican Republic, but it can truly hold it’s own in many ways just as these places can…it all just depends on what kind of vacation you’re looking for.

Want to spend your time lounging on the beach?  Nothing wrong with that.  Even if you get a little bored you can check out the wicked cool Santa Barbara Castle that was built to protect the island from pirate attacks back in the old days.  Even getting involved in something a little more active such as a hike can be richly rewarding as you’ll get to explore the interesting “Mars like” landscape the island formed around the volcano.

When it comes down to it, Lanzarote is pretty damn cool & has lots to do for a little island!  

Once you arrive on the island, it’s not too difficult to remain budget friendly either.  Rooms start at just $60 a night and for those who are truly budget conscious like myself, you can get a hostel just about anywhere on the island for an average of only $20-$25 per night!  Not too bad a price to pay for being on a tropical paradise, eh?  

And as far as cuisine is concerned, the Spanish influence is strong on this island which means you can be sampling many of the delicious cheeses, tapas or even one of the Canaries special dishes called gofio; a type of flour made of maize, wheat & barley that is used in many of the dishes on the island.  Not a fan of spanish food?  No worries!  There’s also a strong Latin American & African influence here as well when you’re looking for local cuisine.

After all that I’ve looked into regarding an affordable vacation within a budget friendly island paradise, I can’t wait to fly out to Lanzarote myself and explore the mixture of amazing sites this little island has to offer.  Between the existing culture, friendly people and breathtaking landscape you are sure to have a good time.

Would you visit the island of Lanzarote?