Eye for Travel My Perspective Around the WorldI’ve spent the last few years backpacking around the world and, in return, have learned many new perspectives of how people live their day to day lives.  

The sheer quantity that I’ve discovered for myself while running into different people, cultures, societies, and ways of thinking have been nothing shy of overwhelming and, truth be told, quite addicting.  

One of the things that I’ve learned is the many ways that people can view traveling from.  For instance, while on the road you can take pictures and share them with your friends to show a photographers point of view.  On the other hand, you could also take it down through journal entries or drawings.  Now from a different perspective you could also view traveling while actually traveling.  

Like on a plane, for example, you travel by viewing from above yet on a train you travel by viewing from the ground.  This next article is dedicated to all those travelers who view life from a different perspective and, in return, hopes to show you how to see life and travel in a new and unique perspective.

An eye for travel around the world…

1.) Digital Perspective | Photography

Monopod, Selfie Stick, Photography, Photo, Beach, Pier, Sunset

Starting off with a very popular form of viewing travel is through the eyes of a photographer.  Photography is a very popular hobby that is practiced all around the world.  If someone were to tell me that this was the most popular way to see travel, I would totally agree.  

Everywhere you go, especially while traveling, you turn your head and someone will pop out a camera to take still shots of images to help capture the moment.  Whether it be for reminiscing your travels, to show off to your friends back home, or to actually sell and make a living, photography is a great way to see things from a new perspective.

Take a look at my images of Vietnam here to see the perspective of a photographer while traveling.

2.) Travel Writing, Blogging, & Journalism

Travel Writing Glasses Map

Another great perspective to view traveling from is through the pen of a writer.  Writers are everywhere and in all shapes and forms.  Maybe you’re a professional travel blogger like myself, a travel writer, or a journalist.  Perhaps you’re just traveling and you like to take notes in your journal.  The one thing all of these types of people have in common is that they write.

They view things in more detail than most people do because that’s what writers do best; they pay attention to the details.  They don’t just look at the old man eating soup in the alley, they look inside of the old man, at his heritage, and at his surroundings.  Writers look at and taste what the man is eating.  They “become the man” in a sense in order to give their readers a glimpse of what it’s like to be an old man eating soup in the back alley of Paris.  

The bottom line: to see the world as a writer, is to see the world and all of its contents from a new perspective and in great detail.

3.) Backpacking | A Slower Perspective of Traveling

Take an outdoor adventure backpacking.

The walker, the hiker, the backpacker, the hitchhiker…everyone who travels by foot will most likely travel by foot for as long as they can.  This style of travel is one that even I enjoy doing and I consider it a different perspective of travel simply because of todays fast pace lifestyle.  

People rush through places, passing by perfectly good towns without so much as a second glance back.  If you take time off and actually walk everywhere, this form of travel will force you to slow down and take a look at the things you normally wouldn’t look at.  You would see people that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen and possibly be invited to their homes which would offer you insight into their culture and way of life.  Additionally, you would be able to save some extra cash by not spending money on a hotel/hostel, which will in return lead to more finances to travel even longer…and who doesn’t want to travel longer?

4.) A Creative Eye for Travel | Paint & Draw

Paint Colored Pencils Art Artist

A very unique perspective for traveling that I’ve just recently discovered is through that of an artist.  Picture it (pun intended), you don’t only take a look at the details of your surrounding, you see how they flow together.  With such an ideal way to look at things, in my opinion painting your surroundings is more beneficial than actually capturing an image on film plus you get to add your special touch to it.

Anyone can take a picture, but can you paint?  While you visit your next hostel, sit down for brunch and break out a travel painting set.  You can paint everything that’s happening and even add a few details that a picture wouldn’t include.  For instance, while you’re enjoying your morning brunch you look around you and see things that are occurring but can you see them?  Can you taste them?  In a painting, you can add a glimpse of this by painting the bird that’s singing with a few musical notes above it and you can paint the aroma of bacon filling your nostrils with a few vapors.  

Painting & drawing is definitely a unique perspective of travel I highly encourage you to try.

5.) Work Your Way through a Destination

Pullman Resort Hotel Work Computer Laptop Blog Belize Xanadu Island Resort

Okay, so teaching english in Asia is not your cup of tea.  Then try doing something else on the road such as becoming an adventure guide or working in a hostel.  Similar to working as an english teacher, you can view a new town, city, or village by doing various jobs.

For instance, a white water rafting guide can view the backcountry from the river.  A ski instructor can view the slopes and the scenic views around them.  On the other hand, a bartender will get to view Florida through Miami’s night life and a cruise director will be able to view the world by sailing from the seven seas.  There are many ways to see traveling, all it takes is to look at things from a new perspective and a new point of view.

6.) Teaching English Overseas

Myanmar Inle lake to Kalaw hike kids dancing

Anyone who has spent time overseas teaching english will tell you that it is one of the best things they have ever done.  To view travel like this is to view a culture from a locals perspective.  Very few people get the chance to spend time with the roots of a culture.

While teaching english overseas, you will need your ESL Certification and passport but after you get these, you can land a job that guarantees 6 months of employment in a certain area that you apply to.  What better way to see the world than through the eyes of children and the eyes of a teacher.

What new eye for travel would you like to pick up while backpacking around the world?