The Lincoln Creek campground…what is there to say about it?  Well for one, it’s stunning!  The serenity, wildlife, trees…you know: nature.  There’s just one thing that made it different this time of year and that my friends was Autumn.  

The bright yellows, reds and dark greens of the valley trees.  The fresh smell of pine and soil lingering in the air.  The sounds of leaves dancing to the breeze just above the running water shaping the river rocks below.  It all stood out magnificently against the rising Rocky Mountain peaks and I…I was in my piece of paradise.  

Feeling the need to be not-so-selfish, I decided to put together this photo essay so that you could see for yourself just how beautiful Colorado camping really is and when you’re with good company, every time can be a good time.  Enjoy the following photos and feel free to leave your comments below!

Tent all set up with my Djembe ready for a beating! 😉

The rising sun was beautiful against the fall colors.

That’s me standing out near the ledge and taking in the view!

A peak up Independence Pass.

Here’s Chris peaking over the Ledge…

It was all so good…I had to take a seat!

Check out the bright yellows…I can’t wait till the reds come out more!

Here’s a Chipmunk searching for breakfast.

Lincoln Creek was no more than 15 feet from our tent.

Some driftwood got caught up in the river creating this visually appealing shot!

Finishing up the trip with a group photo of some Hippies! 😀

After a fun night of chilling around the campfire and enjoying the moon light, we packed up the following day, took a small hike then made our way back to Aspen.  I must say that if you haven’t been in this neck of the woods, you need to make the trip very soon…and quite possible even up to Lincoln Creek!

Have you ever been camping in the Rockies before?