I’ve always loved the beach.  The fresh ocean breeze blowing in your face, the tropical sun quenching the thirst of your white, sun deprived skin…even the fishy smell of the boats when you walk up and down the docks just to enjoy the vibe of the place.  It’s all so wonderful!  

After visiting family for a while back in sunny side Florida, we all figured it was time to become your typical beach comber.  With the seven of us cramming into our undersized boxed car they call the Honda Accord, we drove for an hour and a half to Flagler Beach.  

Needless to say, this was a much needed trip as it’s been over 6 months since I’ve been to ANY beach (that’s a long time for me!).  Take a look at this small photo essay from beginning to end that I put together just for you…cheers!

Skim Board & Old Fishing Rod I Found.  Photo Op?

Bamboo & fishing pole washed up on shore made a great shot.

We got the lime & a coconut!

Atlantic coast Sea Oats are golden in the evening sun.

Looking out from the Ponce Inlet pier.

The light house created a beautiful contrast to the sunset.

Pelican perched atop a random pole on the beach.

They sure have magnificent sunsets on the East Coast. 

Here’s another angle of the sunset just a few minutes separate from the last.

Endless shrimp…Yes please!

At the end of the day we cruised on over to the nearest seafood restaurant and enjoyed an endless buffet of shrimp…you want to talk about a nice treat at a price you just can’t beat!  What’s your favorite beach trip you’ve ever made?


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