The ocean waters…the breeze…the tranquility…it’s such a simple way to represent the way life ought to be.  

The simplicity of it…the gentleness…the perfection.  It’s interesting how ones mindset can easily converge to such deeper thoughts when you’re near the deep blue sea.  As Scottie & I boarded the ferry out of the main island, we both succumbed to a rich and content silence while taking in the beauty of the surrounding waters.

Sunken Ship

Sunken ship resting on a beach as we left the harbor.

The seagulls soaring in the sky cawing annoyingly couldn’t even get me out of my train of thought…unless that is they shat on me like they had that one time in Daytona.  Damn seagulls.


Sailboat navigating it’s way through the ocean.

As we made our way out to sea passing the saddened remains of a sunken ship that must have been victim to some major storm of the past, the Captain began his well rehearsed safety speech over the intercom in both English & Spanish.  It was obvious hardly anyone was listening but from my previous experience of working on a cruise ship in Hawaii I knew the whole routine.  

The ocean was gentle at times, most of the time but she would be damned to get pushed around because as soon as that happened, she would show her not so silent side…but luckily we weren’t witnesses to this.

Lonely beach

Lonely island enjoying a life in Paradise.

The ferry ride in general was very peaceful.  Scottie and I sat in our seats for the first 15 minutes enjoying the sunshine and wind in our face but that was soon to come to an end as we stowed our packs under our seats and made our way to the top deck.  Unlike my ferry ride out in Montezuma, this boat was a portion of the size of that one and held no beverages or rowdy passengers singing karaoke.  

Instead, we stood on the top deck enjoying the strong wind and taking in the magnificent views.  Small islands were scattered precariously around the ocean as if God had just grabbed a handful of dirt and tossed it in the air in the same fashion a child would throw a handful of marbles while disregarding the rules of the game.

Last Tracks

Backwaters as we left Puerto Rico in the past.

As we watched Puerto Rico slowly shrink in the distance, we passed dozens of small islands both deserted and occupied.  Sailboats were making their way from point A to point B and dolphins were swimming parallel to the ship as if in a race to the finish line, that being Isla Culebra.


One of the many islands surrounding Puerto Rico.

Even the skies slowly began to change once we got further out to sea.  Leaving the rainy day that began on the main island, the sun peaked around the corners of the clouds and began to smile down upon our small little ferry where it stayed with us all the way to the island.

Port Side

A look down the Port Side of the Ferry.

As I walked from the starboard to the port side of the ship, I noticed the wind had picked up slightly and cool mists of ocean water gently sprayed my face…

Ahh…how refreshing it was to be back out at sea!

Enjoying the Sunshine

Me just enjoying the sunshine & fresh breeze!

Island 2

First corner as we rounded Isla Culebra!

After about 35-40 minutes into our trip, Culebra was in plain site.  Scottie & I were beginning to get excited because even from the boat it was quite prevalent at how different this sparsely populated island was to that of Puerto Rico.

Port Culebra

Small houses & condos near Port Culebra.

Getting closer and with the docks in view, small houses began to pop out of the lush green jungles and you could see children playing in the streets.  There was one lone sailboat sitting about 150 yards away from the port with a dinghy attached to it bobbing to the waves.  To imagine what it would be like to just sail from island to island for a living…what a life!

Arriving to Culebra

Arriving to the dock as we prepared for our next adventure!

As we arrived to the dock, Scottie and I grabbed our packs and waited anxiously for the gates to open.  Leading the way, we carefully stepped onto the docks, waved a happy goodbye to the crew and got ready for our next little adventure on this quiet island.  

Little did we know that the following morning we were going to be led right into a live mine field in search of the perfect snorkeling spot…but of course you can read more about that here!


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